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We interrupt this knitting geekery for regular geekery

Particularly in the summer when mainstream TV goes on hiatus, I tend to go through bursts of DVD watching or re-watching as I knit. Lately it’s been the X-Files, and since I finished off Season 8 last night (which, interestingly enough, goes by pretty fast when you skip half of it) and still haven’t gotten around to purchasing Season 9 so I can finally see for myself just how desperate the X-Files’ last gasps are, this leaves me looking around for something new. I think I might have to go back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m not sure why, it could be just be because I haven’t watched it in a while. Or, it could be this really kickass tee that arrived for me:


Now, admittedly I have not (yet) read the Twilight books, so I can really only account for the Buffy part of this equation and not Edward, but I suspect it is only a matter of time before I just have to read them and know, to experience the phenomenon for myself. Like the printed word version of a deep-fried mars bar. But isn’t it some universal fannish law that Buffy > you? I thought so.

The other thing that came in the mail was my order of Moo mini cards, which I want to bring with me to the Sock Summit in August. They are lovely, and I had a lot of fun picking knitting pictures to go on them. It’s like my own little project gallery in handy contact-information form. The only recommendation I have if you order a set of these for yourself is…double-check your info. I spent several minutes writing in the ‘y’ at the end of my email address. Oops.


And now, I had better go make peace with the fact that it is actually June and that May is not coming back. At least I have yarn to break my fall. Keep the knitting close by!


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Like day camp for grownups

The 2009 TTC Knitalong went off with much fanfare yesterday, as four teams converged from the West, North and East (East Team A was particularly awesome…not that I’m biased…), gathering yarn, prizes, stories, and laughter in their wake. By the time we all ended up at the final stops, our bags were full and our wallets were light, make no mistake. But we could not have asked for better weather, and everyone’s spirits were buoyed by welcoming local yarn shops at every stop, and knitterly cameraderie along the way.

[ETA - we had 50 participants plus team captains, and also raised $275 for charity. Go knitters!]


I was a team captain for East Team A (East had to split into 2 it was so popular, and even then the teams were pretty full!) along with Joyce. (Joyce and Michelle took the horns this year and did the organizing, even amidst incredibly busy “real life” competed for their attentions. And we are all grateful they did!) Our team had an early 10am start at the Naked Sheep, who were ready for us with a table brimming with goodies, and balloon-popping door prizes. From there we carried on to the Purple Purl, where Miko and Jen put up stiff competition as a welcoming committee with goodie bags and punch.



Closer to the downtown core, our attention was needed by Lettuce Knit, Americo, and Romni, with a few scattered stops at the bead stores, ribbon shop, and much needed cafe stop for respite. I am actually starting to regret not purchasing that pima cotton flamme from Americo…oh help. This is what the powerful yarn fumes of a day like this will do.



There is really not much to say about a day like this except that you know it is going as it should when it all seems too easy. It was a great day, everyone on my team was awesome and we all just went along for the ride, filled our TTC Knitalong bags with yarn and goodies, and had much appreciated beverages at the end. I hope everyone had a blast. And if you haven’t had the chance to participate in an event like this, I hope very much that there is something like it close to where you live, or that you can do your own mini transit-knitalong-yarn shop day. Our local shops here in Toronto excel at what they do, and the Toronto knitting community continues to grow and expand in ways that make me very glad to live so close.



And now…well, my stash has grown a bit. More on that once I’ve recovered from my yarn hangover. Better get knitting.


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The things we do for yarn

Seriously, folks, no wonder people look at knitters funny. As if knitting clothes from scratch isn’t good enough, no no, we have to go make the process even longer and harder. We have to go and make the yarn, too.

I began early forays into spinning a year or two ago thanks to Kate‘s tutelage with the spindle, and enjoyed it enough to want eventually to try a wheel. After chatting with Kim on my Toronto stint lat month, she offered to let me try out one of her wheels next time, so yesterday she made good and came by with her Majacraft Little Gem and gave me a pretty awesome starter lesson. (Including such wisdom as, “Glenna stop helping the twist with your fingers. That’s what the whole SPINNING WHEEL IS FOR.”)


I’m grateful to have had some practice with the spindle first, because I understand already about things like drafting and pre-drafting, and can tell that regardless of spinning mechanism, I am picking up right where I left off at the spindle and am coming out with alternating stringy-floss bits and consistent bits and slubby chunky bits. This little guy (gal?) above is my first skein from Kim’s lesson yesterday (cue “ootchie cootchie coo”), and I’ll take it. Fine first foray. After spending a bit of time today, and disbelievingly watching the time tick by so quickly, I have a second bobbin that looks like this:


Oh don’t let that surface image fool you, there are plenty of kinked-up over-twisted bits hiding under there. But still, I am heartened that I do not seem to be producing the worst crap ever, and am glad to have another day or two to play with this before heading back to Hamilton. My current challenges include: figuring out how to draft the proper and consistent amount of fiber through my fingers; consistently treadling in the forwards direction; getting used to the idea that getting better takes “a lot of practice” and “time”, or some such nonsense. Doesn’t the spinning wheel know I am impatient? Harumph.

So yes, things continue apace, and I am getting in more rows on Autumn Rose as well. Hanging out with the cats has been enjoyable this week and it is nice down time. Daytime hours make me largely second fiddle to sunbeams, but then come the evening Greedo and Somerset are very much, “hi we’re just going to sit all over you until you feed us bedtime snack. You’re okay with that, right? PURR.” It is, as you can see, a very very hard life being a cat.


And finally, I have caved. I am on Twitter: GlennaKnits (GlennaC was already taken, curiously enough). I reached a point where it seemed like absolutely everyone in the universe was on Twitter except me, so I’m going to check it out. I can’t tell yet if my ‘tweets’ are witty enough to follow regularly, but if you’d like to follow me please do. I’ll give it a few days before deciding if I want to include the feed on my blog. More ways to blather on the internets, right?

Until next time, when I may or may not have developed a Repetitive Spinning Injury. One can only hope.


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The Reckoning

Dear Elspeth,

I know that you’re probably very busy doing things like your “job” or important things in the “real world” or that you might even have “other knitting” to do besides work on Autumn Rose. Still, I am compelled to point out that I am knitting on Autumn Rose and so far, you are not, and here I was given to understand that were both in on this together. Fair Isle solidarity and all that jazz.


Now, I feel that I’ve been pretty patient up until now. After zipping through most of the body I gave myself a bit of a break, allowed myself to be distracted by Cat Bordhi, even went off to a conference and did some “real world” stuff of my own.

But I’m back at the Autumn Rose knitting now, and have now reached the point where the sleeves join the body for work in the round, which puts me in the enviable position of knitting rounds which are only ever going to get shorter from here on out. And at great risk to my own knitting karma, I feel the need to point out that I am currently LEAVING YOU IN THE DUST. My wooly, stranded colourwork dust.


At this point my only recourse is to keep knitting, knowing that at this rate I may well finish before you even start, and either a) take up heavy drinking in order to assuage my guilt, or b) dance around the house clutching my knitting calling “neener neener neener” in my best sing-songy voice. And both of those options are pretty much giving free reign to the knitting goddess to come strike me down with a sweater that doesn’t fit, or cause me to run out of a crucial colour an inch before the end, or plague me with horrible Knitter’s Elbow, or some other such retaliation.

C’mon, Elspeth. Lonely fair-isle knitting is soooo lonely. You know you wanna.


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