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Inexplicable, Part 1

It’s 11pm and I’m in my pyjamas running around trying to stuff things in my suitcase necessary for a) 4 days in New York and b) temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius, which I’ve almost forgotten what that’s like. And I’ve got to do an apology because i’ve been horrible with responding to comments and emails the last few days and my brain just hasn’t been able to cope.

Also, I’m having a bit of a drinkie because I’ve still not fully come to terms with the fact that my dissertation is no longer in my hands, Venezia is still not fully dry after laying out all day (I put her on spin in the washer and laid her out on a drying rack and am crossing all fingers and appendages for transportability tomorrow), and I’m so overtired from stress that I don’t think my brain remembers what bodily relaxation is like.

But by this time tomorrow i’ll be in another city and that will help matters I am sure. When I booked my ticket to New York a couple of months ago I knew I’d be hitting the right time to see the Yarn Harlot on April 2nd and that I’d be missing her in Toronto on April 1st, and yet the bizarre series of circumstances that has been causing me other stress the last few weeks also led to me being in Toronto today, and with a free evening. So I got to go. It was fun. I tried my best to let my brainwaves come down from Beta (concentration, stimulation), and move into Alpha (no concentration required) and perhaps even Theta (meditative state…still working on that one…)

The Isabel Theatre was lovely for waiting in.




I am super proud of my see-stor Martha who totally scored 4th place in the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Toronto scavenger hunt. Yay! (Seen here with Kate on the right who accompanied her for the afternoon. Martha totally got a TTC driver’s picture too, which I think rocks.)


And we got serenaded by the Skydiggers beforehand. Or is it a concert? Is it a serenade if it’s for 300 of your closest knitting friends? I have a vid clip here that I took of their first song and it was really so lovely to listen to that I want to share it. I hope they won’t mind. (But if someone tells me to yank it down I totally will.)

I’ll have my camera but not my laptop on my travels so I may not be able to blog much…but I’ll do my best for Venezia pics and New York pics and all assorted yarny tales. Rebecca is going to make sure we get to Knitty City and Seaport Yarns, along with all touristy attractions.

Catch you on the flip side, knitters!


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So yo, my knitting peeps, have I mentioned how ultimately bummed I am that I can’t go to the April 1st launch of the new Yarn Harlot book and get to congregate with more fun knitters? I mean, even with all books and Harlot aside, the Toronto launch last year was so fun and I met so many new knitting friends.

My bummed-out-ness was such that I planned the post-revisions jaunt to NYC as early as possible, to get to see the Harlot there on the evening of April 2nd. And now I am wondering if it is at all possible to turn some of that NYC time into a belated, site-appropriate version of this awesome version of knitterly crazyness.

Now, I’m betting some of these translate pretty easily. Toronto has the TTC, New York has the subway. Toronto has the Skydome, New York has Madison Square Gardens. Both places have doughnut shops and coffee shops and yarn shops. But tell me, what would the New York version of Canadian Tire money be? ;)

I just want to join in on all the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour, is that too much to ask? I suspect by next week I’ll be cracked enough that walking up to, say, the ticket-counter at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Rebecca, you’ve been warned), and asking them to hold my sock for a photo, would not seem at all out of the realm of normal.

In tangential Canadian-ish sort of news, last week Canadian comic Sean Majumder was on The Hour, and then Martha found YouTube clips of his ‘Raj Binder’ persona.

Sean, you give me courage to do Inexplicable Things.

Knit on, my friends…I shall return now to the revisions!


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Weekend Report

The best weekends are when knitting friends come to visit. Rebecca (who generously hosted me for Rhinebeck last October) had to come up to Toronto last week for work, and then stuck around a couple of extra days to hang here in Hamilton. She’d even saved up her yarn-buying just for the weekend trip back to the T-Dot on Saturday, and we did pretty well by visiting 3 yarnish stops: Lettuce Knit, Romni, and finishing up at the Purple Purl.

On the way, though, Martha requested a stop at IKEA to take advantage of the Mattress Sale. While she browsed the mattresses, I, um, ‘tested’ an armchair and knitted away on my Rib and Cable Sock (in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, pattern from Interweave Knits, Fall 2005)


And then in the warehouse I found some absolutely knitting-tastic pencil-cases (in a bin with similar cases for CDs and cell phones), which were about 8 inches long and absolutely perfect for knitting notions. I bought 2 and have fully deployed one for portable use:


By the time we made it to the Purple Purl we were thrilled to be able to sit and ponder and knit and look at books. (Oh yes indeed, I bought yarn – more on that later on). We sat…


I brought cupcakes…


Martha looked at a copy of ‘Victorian Lace Today’ which sort of broke her brain…


And I knitted on Venezia.


Good times. Too bad it’s Monday again!


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Purple = Awesome

First, just as FYI, I have added a “Pattern Notes” page up there along with the other blog tabs. Pattern errata, miscellaneous notes, whatevs – they now have a home. Hooray for making the patterns better.

But second, and most important, I must report from my day in Toronto yesterday. There was the “work” time in the earlier portion of the day, but what I’m really here to post about is the grand opening of The Purple Purl, Toronto’s newest yarn shop on Queen St. East. I met Jennifer back in May and she has been a great knitting friend and now she and her friend Miko have made all knitters’ fantasy their own reality, and taken the plunge into LYS ownership.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It was a great evening. I had to skeedaddle around 7pm to get to something else (nothing like being double-booked when fun things are happening), but I bet they partied on for many hours after that. And dangit, I forgot to get a free goodie bag! Oh well. I’ll just have to go back ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The yarn portion is open for business but they are just waiting on a bit of beauraucracy for the cafe part to open. Then it’ll be yarn + lattes and good relaxing times. I chatted with the woman whose company sold them the Espresso machine, and it turns out they also sold Alterknit their espresso machine. I think she was under the impression that all yarn shops are also cafes. If only that were true.

Anyhow, thanks Jennifer and Miko for making me yet more depressed that I no longer live in Toronto The Land Of All Awesome Knitting Places. I want to be just like you when I grow up. And maybe come and live in a corner of your shop after my dissertation is done. Heh. Only partly kidding.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They are stocking a variety of Canadian yarns (oh hello, Indigo Moon, you beautiful dark mistress), and development-conscious ones as well, like the lovely Mirasol line. Metal and bamboo needles can be yours, nice selection of SWTC stock, and a great bookshelf that I could totally sit in front of for an hour.

There were lots of great people there and I wish I could have stayed longer. I could not, of course, resist getting a picture of wee Clara (great visit with her and mama Emily), even though her cuteness is so great that it seems to defy focus.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So anyhoo, totally go check out the Purple Purl next time you’re in the T-Dot. And say hi for me!


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Monday who?

I’m having the sort of morning where I feel like pouting under the covers and watching DVDs, just to spite the world. (I won’t, but I can keep the fantasy alive.) It’s not that I’m sick, or feeling particularly knitterly or particularly tired. Monday just came too soon this week. Also, I put too much pepper on my boiled egg and now I keep sneezing.

But in the meanwhile there is much to blog about! Julie tagged me on a meme and I must answer for it with 8 random things about me. I am still thinking about that, though. 8 things is a challenge. (And how will I know if they are random enough? Will someone come along with a Random-O-Meter and test me?) I also have some new books for review, and I want to get to at least one of them this week.

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But first I must report that I went to a totally awesome knitting birthday party yesterday, for Ladylungdoc. She invited pals down to Alterknit knitting cafe for knitting and treats and it was tres fun, particularly since I’d never managed to make it to Alterknit when I was actually a resident of Toronto. Long live the knitting cafe! Sure, we can all go down to our nearest [Insert Coffee & Beverage Chain here] and knit and drink something, but will that place surround you with people who will give you sympathy and knowing glances when you say things like, “yeah, I’ve got this garter stitch blanket that I’m working on but it’s sort of started to eat my soul…”

I worked on my Endpaper Mitts, which are thankfully not eating my soul.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There was also Sandi, Jacquie, Alison, Michelle, Sophia, Martina, Peggy, Susan (whose blogs I don’t know yet), and I hope I haven’t missed anyone. And there were goodies to munch upon, including the best idea ever – milk and cookie shooters.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They were delicious.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks for having a birthday, Lisa!

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Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much…

…let me sum up: YAY RHINEBECK YAY. I’m sure the blogosphere is already flooded with Rhinebeck posts, and um…this is another one. And one from a newbie Rhinebeck-er at that. So this’ll be a post with lots of photos and I may ramble a little bit.

I flew down on Friday and met up with Rebecca, who graciously offered me her sofabed for the weekend. Saturday morning we convened with all of her best knitting buds (Abbie, Catarina, Holly, Lori – a cross-stitcher, but game for the trip nonetheless – Margarita, and Will) from the city, piled into a rented minivan and we were off in time to get to the fair by 10:30.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is Margarita with the totally awesome sheep purse, and her husband Will at the wheel. Will is great. He is the model of a supportive and fantastic spouse and drove the minivan both ways even though someone else could have done a leg of it, and even looked forward to visiting the Gem & Mineral show portion of the event.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

When we arrived the ticket lines were quite short, which was great, although I happily admit I was getting a little twitchy and impatient. “OMG I can’t stand it,” I think I said as we pulled into the parking lot. There was a little travelling-zoo thing set up near the entrance gates with kangaroos and wallabies and lemurs, and they were nice and adorable, although I think by this point I was also whimpering “but the yarn is over there…” (I am nothing if not goal-oriented) and we moved towards the many, many buildings filled with vendors and sheep.

I should mention that I did have a defined mental list of things to buy (a sweater’s worth of something worsted, a drop spindle and some roving for me to keep practicing on), and this did not include sock yarn. But then, the first building we went into was the one with The Fold, vendor of Socks That Rock, and I promptly made the personal executive decision on behalf of my credit card (who may not be speaking to me right now) to add some STR to my purchases. For the first time ever, the Canadian dollar is high enough that I can read price tags in the US and not mentally have to add a few bucks to each price, and more than that – by buying at Rhinebeck I could save on shipping! And it was worth it. I got knee-sock amounts of the ‘Garnet Dreams’ and ‘Jasper’ colourways in Mediumweight.

And you know what? Waiting in that line for 15-20 minutes or whatever it was was also totally worth it. In fact, I have become an advocate for finding lines to wait in at Rhinebeck. That’s when you get to talk to people. You’re forced into at least a few minutes of not going anywhere, and it’s good conversation potential. And that’s when I met Faith:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The conversation went something like this:

Faith: “So, what are you going to make with your Socks that Rock?”
Me: “Oh, I think some socks.”
Faith: ::nods sagely::
Me: ::chuckles::
Faith: “What kind of heel do you prefer?”
Me: “Oh, definitely the heel flap. It’s so comfy.”
Faith: “Totally. I also enjoy the heel flap.”
[pause for waiting, waiting, and more waiting]
Me: “So, do you have a blog?”
Faith: “Why yes, I do. It’s called No More Sweaters.”
Me: “Really? I read that blog! I’m Glenna, I write Knitting to Stay Sane.”
Faith: “Really? I read that blog too! I’d hug you if my arms weren’t full of yarn right now.”

It was too hilarious. There need to be more opportunities for experiences like this out in the world. But anyhoo, I bought my unexpected armload of STR and then re-joined the group only to discover that Rebecca had purchased a spinning wheel. She’d been planning this in the back of her mind pre-Rhinebeck and once she tried the Ashford Kiwi she was lost. We all were very jealous supported her on this.

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We carried on for a bit of browsing and then R patiently went with me at noon to the Blogger meetup, where my Blogger Bingo card finally scored a few more hits, including Lisa, aka the Tsock Tsarina, wearing the kick-ass-ingest shawl ever:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And this gal who I really enjoyed chatting with and who had the greatest t-shirt, and now I completely blank out on her name. ::sheepish::

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

By the end of the day I did pretty well (I think) with the Bingo, finding 13 of the 25 names on my card. Really, you had to either know who you were looking for or be super eagle-eyed and spot the Bingo Logos on people’s buttons and bags and tees. I was fairly pleased with my system, which involved doing the self-laminating on the card and using some scrapbooking sticky buttons obtained from the dollar store. I thought this was all totally normal and then realized no one else did this much over-achieving. ::more sheepish:: Note for next time: pencils and markers are fine.

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Lunchtime was more lines. The hunger made the lines a little more unbearable at this point, but still, there was good chatting. R and I stood behind Chante and her friend Kim, who were spinning away masterfully on their drop spindles. I was mildly awed and have since vowed to learn to spin that finely. (And the chicken pot pies were deeeeeeeelicious.) Chante, incidentally, along with a few other knitters, did the Blogger Bingo method of taking a digital photo of everyone she found on her card. Visual proof, plus a nice documented record of the weekend!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There were other Torontonians there too, and at various points I saw Jacquie, Laura, Megan, and Emily had newly-1-yr-old Clara on her hip:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I wish I’d had more time to talk to everyone. It seemed like the day was made up of fleeting conversations, hazy purchases, yarn clutching, and lots of sugar (in the form of maple sugar cotton candy) and energy on the side. Of course, there were also sheep:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(I like to think that while the sheep are being shorn, baa-ing and being stubborn the whole way, that they are saying things like “perhaps maybe we should DISCUSS THIS FIRST…”)

And there were bunnies:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

…and alpacas:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And then, of course, there was the yarn. Plenty of it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(Best signage ever.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There were so many people there – 12,000, according to the New York Times. There were several people from the blogs I wanted to look out for and didn’t see. I am not sharp enough to keep an eye on the yarn and the people all at the same time, I think. ;) I was glad to be there with a small group to anchor me. If I had been alone I might have been either totally overwhelmed, or over-focussed on my list and had all my tasks purchases done in 2 hours and then wandered bewildered from one food stand to the next. Heh. I hear the Ravelry party was quite the shindig on Saturday night. Our merry band headed back to NYC and that was okay, because we were just plain beat I think.

And then we knitted on the subway. Fitting, no?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Kitty was happy to have me back.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I realized in all of this that I forgot to do one important thing – photograph the purchases! I will try to rectify this and post again. Perhaps I’ll include a few NYC photos as well – that was the second half of the trip, a day and a half of worth of NYC tacked on to a full knitterly day.

Can I do it all again?


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But does your knit night have troubadours?

Lettuce Knit’s does. (Now.)

Round about 9 o’clock last night these two guys walked down the street singing, each strumming a guitar – the song was “Take On Me” by A-Ha! Everyone cheered and they came back. They played a rendition of “Faith” by George Michael before they departed us. I think they were as pleasantly bemused at a group of knitters cheering them on as we were to have been spontaneously serenaded. They are playing on Sunday at the Free Times Cafe and i wish I’d remembered the name of their group because they quite frankly deserve all the free press in the world. It was such a happy highlight of the evening and made me more gleeful than possibly anything else has in the last few weeks. (Even better than Ravelry). We told them they should come back next week. Maybe I’ll make cupcakes.

But wait. There might not be enough cuteness in your life today. Here, have some pictures of wee Clara. (I am sure mum Emily won’t mind?) Elizabeth is pictured there with her – if you want to hang with Clara at knit night you’ve got to work that out with Elizabeth first. ;)

ClaraLKJuly12 Clara3LKJuly12

And as promised, here are progress pics. Jaywalkers:


I am not loving them right now. But they are 3/4 done and I must finish them or ELSE. I have more fish to fry. Like this After Dark Nightie which allowed me to get through the lace panels, and which I am now working in the round:


I love Stockinette country. It’s my favourite country to be in.

OOh look, something shiny!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Heather very kindly awarded me a ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger’ award! So now I have to pick 5 more and pass the love. I will get on that asap. At the moment my brain (and eyes) are still blurry from the eye doctor visit this morning and I have to reorient myself. After 2 nights of insomnia I slept like a log last night and am now finding some focus again. Still got that danged dissertation to write. Off I go…


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It’s contagious – Knit In Public Day Toronto 2007

This is a big (BIG) ol’ photograph post from my experience yesterday with the TTC Knitalong, with (perhaps somewhat cheezy) lyrical accompaniment by Regina Spektor, whose song ‘Us’ I heard right aroun the time the Yarn Harlot launced her ‘Represent’ book tour, and now the two are completely linked in my brain.

Thank you to Village Yarns, Romni Wools, Lettuce Knit, Americo Original, the Naked Sheep, and all the other Toronto yarn shops who opened their doors to us (and the TTC Knitalong discount), in celebration of Knit in Public Day. I think the best part was just being able to spend time with so many great knitters across the city – and of course, getting the full range of expressions from onlookers, that was a plus, too. ;)

(If you are in these photos please feel free to ID yourself in the comments, OR, if you’d prefer not to be pictured, let me know here or by email and I will remove pictures that you are in.)
On with the show…

They made a statue, of us.
And put it on a mountain top…

2TTC Knitalong 00857TTC Knitalong 119
55TTC Knitalong 087 62TTC Knitalong 109

Now tourists come and stare at us.

65TTC Knitalong 10417TTC Knitalong 030

Blow bubbles with their gum, take photographs for fun.
For fun…

40TTC Knitalong 059. 19TTC Knitalong 042

69TTC Knitalong 100.

53TTC Knitalong 089. 49TTC Knitalong 079

They’ll name a city after us.
And later say it’s all our fault…

64TTC Knitalong 107. 26TTC Knitalong 048
23TTC Knitalong 036.35TTC Knitalong 064
56TTC Knitalong 085

Then they’ll give us a talking to,
then they’ll give us a talking to,
Because they’ve got years of experience…

75TTC Knitalong 092 58TTC Knitalong 117

We’re living in a den of thieves…

14TTC Knitalong 031
Rummaging for answers in the pages…
1eTTC Knitalong 071

We’re living in a den of thieves,
And it’s contagious,
And it’s contagious…

15TTC Knitalong 02273TTC Knitalong 095
9TTC Knitalong 033

More tomorrow about my purchases and other miscellaney. All’s I’ll say is the yarn purchasing was minimal…but there was something else… ;)
Have a great Sunday!
4TTC Knitalong 003


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“We should be feared…”

…quoth the Yarn Harlot last night in Toronto. It was a good time for sure – I would estimate around 350 people came out, and Indigo was nice enough to set out at least 100 chairs for us. So considerate ;)

I will say that my sister M took way more photos than me, and her videoclip of the applause upon Yarn Harlot entrance (which was awesome and a sight/sound to behold) did actually work, so she’ll have that up too. Check out her blog for more pics. Here is my meagre offering:

We got there around 6pm for the 7pm signing – me, sis, mom and dad, and our friend K. This was a good thing, because there was already a lineup to wait for the chairs which at that point were being set up. I would imagine that had we even arrived 10 minutes later, we would not have been in the group that got to sit down. (Dad however, didn’t want to sit with the knitters and take away a seat, he went and browsed and ended up standing somewhere on the upper level during the whole thing.) So we had a solid hour of line-waiting, knitting, sitting, chatting, photo-taking, etc. I’d estimate at least 2/3 of the knitters there were working on socks, too, which was pretty cool. I had my kilt hose. (Also, mom pointed out that the age demographic in the room was really broad. So true.)


(Edit: That’s Em there in sock discussion, and Jennifer there at the end of our row – Yay, new blogging pals!)


M wore the Brennan Cardigan and I was flattered that several people admired it. I have GOT to finish writing up the pattern and post it.


A little after 7pm, a cheer gradually bubbled up and Stephanie was about to be introduced. The applause was huge. By this point, people were filled in all around the chairs, the entire stairwell, up in the upper level surrounding the stairwell. Yeah, I’m not sure what the Indigo staff thought. I wish I’d taken pictures of their expressions during the event, it was kind of awesome. They looked vaguely like they weren’t sure what was going on but that maybe they were wondering if they missed the memo on something they were supposed to be in the know about.

There were a lot of us.


See that stairway and railing area up in back? yeah, that was all totally full.




The staff guy introduced Stephanie in what I am sure is the usual store manner, explaining her personal history and writing exploits and knitting triumphs like Doctors Without borders and I kept thinking, “DUDE, 99% of the people here know all of this already!” Maybe he was doing it to educate the store patrons who weren’t in the know. Heh.

She said we were freaking her out with all the applause, and reiterated what she’d posted on her blog that day, about her nervousness that if she messed up it wasn’t, “I’ll never see them again,” it was, “i’ll never see them again until next Wednesday.”


Stephanie spoke for about an hour and was, as per all reports, funny, charming, intelligent, and the pride of knttters the world over. She spoke particularly about the effects of “CHOKE” (Cultural Humiliation of Knitters Everywhere) and elicited huge laughter – the sort of laughter that comes from true and deep understanding about what stash is and why we are all addicted to knitting.


I got my book signed and she was lovely to say that it was nice to meet me, and I said that it was extremely nice to meet her. I commented that we were debating whether or not it would be all right to read the book in the bathtub once it had been signed, and she commented that, given that some people a) own her books and don’t read them nearly as furiously as most knitters, and b) don’t know who she is, that yes, she was sure it was more than all right to read in the tub. I support this comment.

Here, I’ll leave you with one last adorable shot of Aven and her hubby and wee guy, who was enthralled by the shiny rope pedestals in the signing lineup:


Also, I wave hello to my friend Karen who I hadn’t seen in years and saw last night at the signing – who knew we were both knitters? Knitters are the best ever.

I regret that I wasn’t able to get to the Afterparty last night (K had all kinds of stuff to schlep back to our place, and my socklet-comforted-yet-blistery-feet were weary – I’m ashamed to admit that even at home I was nodding off into my kilt hose by 11pm), and that we won’t be able to get to the yarn crawl today (M and I will be home for mom’s birthday party dinner), but since June 9th is coming up with the TTC Knitalong for Knit-in-Public day, I think I’ll do well with that trip.

Have a great knitting weekend!


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Beware the bar codes

In my quest to get my head together I’ve been trying to schedule a good amount of work time in my carrell at the main library here on campus. This works really well if I have knitting or other things to bait myself – If I get in [x amount of time/work] before lunch I can read while I eat, If I get in [x amount of time/work] after lunch then I can have a knitting break at mid-to-late afternoon, that sort of thing. Also, the cafeteria and accompanying common space was recently outfitted with a lot of new dining tables and a few clusters of armchairs, so overall it’s a more pleasant space to sit in that it was a few months ago.

Now, in order to get to this space and exit the stacks, or to exit the building from the main floor, you have to go through the library equivalent of metal detectors, designed to stop you from leaving the library with uncharged materials. Yesterday, I got stopped by these contraptions three times – and I do mean stopped; if the sensors go off, the little hinged barrier you would normally push aside and walk through immediately locks down, so instead you slam into it and end up with a nasty bruise on your hip and suddenly start mentally cataloguing all the contents of your bag and wonder what the frak you could possibly be carrying that is so horrible.

At lunch and at my break time, I had my handbag which was filled with the exact same items I’ve been carrying around with me for the last 2 weeks or so, without being stopped by library sensors. After being stopped 3 times without any conclusive ideas (the library staff immediately guessed either my cell phone, my novel that did have a bar code, or my metallic granola bar wrapper that also had a bar code on it – but then, I ate that and then the sensors still went off.

Later, it finally dawned on me. The innocuous items no one ever suspects: yarn and knitting needles.

(These balls of yarn and needle cases sure look innocent enough. Hah.)

It finally occurred to me that over the course of the weekend, I had tossed in a new ball of yarn and set of needles into my bag for miscellaneous playing, and just left them in there even though they weren’t involved in my lunchtime sock knitting. And lookie there – bar codes. It also occurred to me that the needles had probably been purchased at one of my LYSs that doesn’t use an electronic scanning system, unlike the big-ass craft stores, and so it’s entirely possible that the bar code is still active and ready and eager to set off library sensors and frustrate the hell out of me three times in one day. Ah, nobody ever suspects the knitters.

While I’m here talking about break-time knitting, let me say one more thing – what the HECK is up with students in every single library on campus doing this:

(Hello! I’m someone’s laptop, cell phone, and mp3 player, ready for you to swipe from under their noses!)

Most likely, the owner of these belongings is either a) off getting his/her coffee/food/something else and will return in an undefined amount of time, b) 15-20 feet away chatting with his/her buddies and will return in an undefined amount of time, or (my favourite) c) just about to leave his/her belongings behind and is right now asking me if I will look after them for him/her.

After spending X years on university campuses, I’ve lost patience with all of these scenarios. I don’t understand people who would risk losing what are probably their most expensive personal belongings like this, I don’t understand people who disrespect common space by allowing their belongings to take up space for them and prevent other people from using those tables and chairs, and I sure as heck don’t feel like it’s my job to take responsibility for someone else’s things merely because I happen to be knitting a sock in close proximity. Argh.

(EBTKS, the body and one sleeve)

Annnnd, that’s the closest I’ve gotten to a soapbox on this blog, so I’ll just sign off with a quick shot of the Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about it! I’m actually starting to fret that it’s all going to turn out horribly wrong. Despite the fact that the stitches tell me I am getting proper stitch gauge, it’s turning out a little wider than I’d wanted, and I was already erring on the side of “cozy” fit since I have broad shoulders and I wanted a warm comfy sweater. Also, my row gauge appears to be much looser than called for, which means the sleeve openings are turning out more than an inch too long… Fret, fret, fret.

Well, I’m committed now, just one more sleeve to go! And it’s not as though I splurged on a bunch of new yarn for the project, after all ;) My sister reassures me that if I don’t like the way it fits, she’ll happily take it. (“You’ll still have enough yarn to knit yourself one afterwards!” she says.) Such love.


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