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Look at me go

In exactly 3 weeks’ time, I will be sitting in the first of my classes at Sock Summit. This is equal parts exciting (knitters! yarn! classes! Portland! shopping! more yarn!) and terrifying (OMG when I come back from it the summer will be nearly over; also I have stuff to DO before then…) but mostly I think I’ll be so glad to have a fun trip with knitters as company. Naturally even those of us mere participants still have some prep to do, in the form of homework for our classes, which sadly I don’t think I can put off any longer.

Of the 4 classes I am taking, 2 have non-knitting homework (pre-prep to knitting), and 2 have actual knitting homework (knitting a part of a sock before class). The one that is the most involved is knitting the entire leg of a knee-high sock for the ‘Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Wearable Art’ class with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen (the more complex arch and heel shaping is taught in the class itself). I’m totally whipping ahead. I mean, just look at how far I’ve gotten. It’s practically done already!


Err, so maybe not ‘practically done’ so much as ‘just started’, but still, it’s good to be moving in the right direction. I’ve chosen Briggs & Little sportweight which is extremely wooly and therefore a bit rustic and scratchy, but I sort of like that quality sometimes and I wanted to choose a bit differently from the normal squishy-soft sock yarns I use most. This is a single-spun yarn which makes it less ideal for stranded colour-work, so I chose the simpler motif to just let the yarn speak for itself.

Since I’ve totally got those wearable art stockings in the bag (maybe), I decided to tackle the homework for Sivia Harding’s ‘Beaded Cables’ class, which involved stringing 120 beads onto the yarn. (The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts DK, in ‘Moss’.)


Now, just because it only took me half an hour does not make me any less triumphant. I am more than 25% finished my Sock Summit homework with 3 weeks still to go. Phew. This calls for a break. (Don’t want to stress myself out all at once).


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A reasonable person, say, one who is going to be attending the Sock Summit in less than four weeks’ time, would probably start to worry about preparing for that. A reasonable person might have already started their homework for the workshops at said Sock Summit, particularly when one of them involves knitting the entire leg of a colourwork stocking.

A reasonable person would probably be working on these things, rather than thinking about things to wear at said Sock Summit, and would therefore probably be starting class homework instead of a pair of electric green and purple knee-high socks.


It’s a good thing, then, that I’m not an entirely reasonable person.


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I’ve got enough superstition in me that I hesitated to post this logo on my sidebar, until now.


I am going. I am registered. Bring on the sock knitting insanity. BRING ON THE MARKETPLACE. Bring on Portland in August! I am going and so is my Rhinebeck partner in crime Rebecca, and we are filled with much glee.

Today unleashed the insane frenzy known as “Sock Summit Registration”. I have the feeling that Stephanie and Tina are holding on by the hair of their chinny chin chins right about now, as the process of thousands of knitters trying to log on and register simultaneously was predictably chaotic! Heck, I’m feeling a bit shaky right now after waiting out the server timeouts and patiently clicking and waiting, so I can only imagine what the organizers are going through. I know there are many out there with a few sorrows right now at having missed their desired classes as things filled up at lightning speed, but I hope that once the dust settles things will move forward with all the joy and anticipation that goes along with such an enormous event as this one is sure to be. I have nothing but sympathy for those who didn’t get the classes they wanted, and can only imagine the heartbreak of wanting to attend this event and being disappointed.

Serious, serious props (and cake and beer and chocolate and maybe some poutine) go out to Stephanie and Tina and all of their team-members for their organizational efforts with this – I know they have been in for a world of stress getting this off the ground and that it is taking the energy of many committee members to operate the Sock Summit. I have never ever attended a convention that had this many people salivating at the registration opening quite like this. It is a testament, yet again, to what happens when the passion of knitters is released en masse!

What will I be taking? Well, I am pleased to have gotten two of my first choices – Beaded Cables with Sivia Harding, and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Wearable Art Stockings with Meg Swansen. I also managed to get Paint Your Toes (stranded colourwork) and Arch-Shaped Socks (also with Meg). It looks like I am in for a whole lot of colour-work sock knitting (hands up, anyone who’s surprised), and I am thrilled to be learning more about beaded knitting from one of the bonafide experts in the field.

Now, is it too soon to start my Sock Summit homework? Hmm…


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