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Ivy yarn

Y’all are an impressive bunch of knitters. Did you know that Elann sold out of Quechua in Saxony Teal within 2 days? I’m still reeling from this. I inquired with the lovely Elann people and they will be getting another shipment of Quechua probably around Christmas time, so if you’re wedded to the teal and can hold out until then, just be patient. If you’re ordering one of the other colours you’re probably still OK.

Yarn substitutions
(Edit – Overall, I recommend looking for sport weight yarn that will drape well. DK-weight will still work, but will also provide slightly firmer fabric and stronger stitch definition (these aren’t necessarily bad things, I just thought I’d mention it ;) )

These are some likely warm weather candidates. I don’t recommend 100% cotton, but if you have something that is blended that should still give you some nice stitch definition and drape.
Knit Picks’ Shine Sport (cotton/modal blend, sport weight)
RYC Cashcotton DK (cotton/viscose/cashmere, DK weight)
Diamond Cool Linen (cotton/viscose/linen blend, sport weight)
RYC Luxury Cotton DK (cotton/viscose/silk blend, light DK weight)
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (cotton/wool blend, DK weight)
James Brett Kool Kotton DK (cotton/acrylic blend, light DK weight)

Rowan Wool Cotton (cotton/wool blend, DK weight)

As far as Cold weather yarn substitutions, I think there are probably plenty of options out there. If you’re sticking to Elann, they have the Devon sport weight 100% wool, which I haven’t tried but would meet gauge, and they have the Highland Silk which is DK weight but would be snuggly and feel nice. As I say, my friend K is using KnitPicks’ Telemark for hers and having success. But as always, with any yarn I recommend usual practices of swatching first, and getting an extra ball just in case. (Edit: Here’s a list for people who need lists:)
Elann’s Devon (100% wool, sport weight)
KnitPicks’ Telemark (100% wool, sport weight)
KnitPicks’ Elegance (wool/silk/alpaca blend, DK weight)
Lavold Silky Wool (wool/silk blend, DK weight)
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport (100% wool, sport weight)
Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb Sport (100% wool, sport weight)
Elann’s Highland Silk (wool/silk blend, DK weight)
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (wool/cashmere blend, light DK weight)

{EDIT #2:}Here are some yarns that have been used successfully over at the Ivy Knitalong (Looks like Ivy is a pretty versatile gal!):
Elann Highland Silk
Harrisville Shetland
Nashua Worsted
Knitpicks Andean Treasure
Knitpicks Telemark
Patons Diploma Gold
Bergere de France Ideal
Inca Silk from Ram Wools
Elann Quechua

The knitting goes on
I have my 2nd Ivy staring at me from my knitting bag right now, but then I’ve also been working on my first pair of Fetching, which really are the best instant gratification. I’m already done the first one and am onto the 2nd one and cast on on Wednesday night.

And then I have the basic pair of socks I was knitting all the while on my trip, which is 3/4 done, and of course the Simple Stripes fair isle socks that I started back in August.

So much to knit, so little time, as always ;)


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