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Life goes on, and so does the knitting

Yep, nothing like going on a trip for a week and a half to put your life into fast forward afterwards! I am being pulled kicking and screaming back into the real world. Thank goodness I still have my knitting to cling to in the evenings.

Quick note re: Ivy yarns and substitutions. I’ve put a link in the sidebar to my previous post where I talked about yarn, and I’ll edit that post as I hear about more successful yarn subs, so do keep me updated as you knit Ivy! And for those of you who are sticking with the Quechua, I’m sure you’re in for a fuzzy treat. When I got mine in the mail I couldn’t stop picking it up, it’s so smooth and soft.

Fetching, isn’t it?

(Fetching, in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, eggplant)

I did manage to only use one ball, but I think this was only because paranoia took over and I skipped a row on the 2nd glove. (I only did 17 rounds instead of 18 in the main ribbing part). I think I would have made it through the pattern fully if I had been more careful about minimizing the leftover tails from cast-on and cast-off (I tend to use long-tail cast-on and end up with wayyyy too much left over on the end). These really are super warm, even having them on for a few minutes for the picture was plenty for me today. I’ll save them for cold winter days in the library. I think I might be getting out some of the worsted weight yarn in my stash to make some of these as gifts as well – I could see lengthening them a bit.

September Socks

(Basic Socks, with Austermann Step, dark blue)

These are just a basic sock pattern, following the Yarn Harlot’s instructions in Knitting Rules – ever since I read that book I have never needed a sock pattern if it’s just a basic pair that I’m knitting, and it’s awesome. (I’m sure that was the point of her writing that chapter ;) ) These are my second pair in the Austermann Step yarn, which is the superwash sock yarn that has aloe vera and jojoba oil in it. So soft. I have a third ball waiting in the stash, although it’s kind of a beige-ish colour and now I’m not sure I like the colour as much, poor thing. (That won’t stop me from knitting it, of course.)

Oh yeah, and if your eyesight is really good you’ll notice that the little yellow post-it has my scribblings reminding me when to catch my fall TV shows. Nice, Glenna, you really want to admit to the world what you’re watching? At least I hadn’t written ‘Bones’ on the list thank goodness. I already have that one memorized. Well, a girl’s gotta have something to knit to, that’s what I always say ;)

Last but not least….

This is the current status of the Simple Stripes fair isle socks. I like them again now that I’ve had a break from them. (I had the 1st one half-knitted when I had to rip it out and start over. It was traumatic.) I might even be able to finish the pair this week – two pairs of socks finished in 1 month! Somebody stop me!

Happy Tuesday to all…


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