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Knitting angst

Some of the angst is mine (What if I can’t knit everything I want to knit before Christmas? What if Ivy actually sucks and I’ve just hoodwinked a bunch of knitters and the guilt will paralyze me? What if my stash grows to the size of my house and eats me alive?), but some of it is my sister’s. She asked me to solicit the advice of you fine knit-bloggers about her current issue.

You see, she used to have this sweater. SHe knitted it years ago when she was new to knitting and thought Lewiscraft was the be-all and end-all of knitting supplies, and bought up a whole bunch of Bernat chunky 100% acrylic, and made a cabled sweater with it. It was a monster sweater. It took about 1700 yards of chunky wool and in the end left her with about 12 inches of ease around the bust. It was heavy and sweaty and I think she wore it twice. And as you can see, she even ended up mixing dye-lots on the yarn.

So, this week, she decided that perhaps the yarn did not really want to be this sweater and perhaps wanted to be something else, and she started ripping.

And ripping…

And ripping.

And now she has a veritable yarn ball farm of chunky dark green acrylic and, short of monster granny squares, she’s wondering what the heck to do with it all.

Sooo, if YOU had approximately 1700 yards of chunky green acrylic yarn, what would you do with it? ;)


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