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Knitting imitating Life

Thank you all for the suggestions on my last post about what to do with the former sweater. My sister is now mulling the options of charity knitting or an afghan. (Or perhaps a charity afghan?)
(And BTW – if you leave a comment please feel free to include your email address in the comment form ;) That way I can comment right back via email and I like being able to do that.)

Sock Satisfaction!

(Simple Stripes Fair Isle socks, pattern available here at KnitPicks)

I finished these on Friday night, and I must say that I am pleased with them. They are warm and comfortable, and I love the look. The only think I would have done differently is to add yet another 5 rows of back on the toe (I did that already before the toe decreases, but I wouldn’t mind an idge more room) and to make the legs an inch or two taller. Goodness knows I certainly had enough yarn leftover.

I learned 2 things with this pattern:
1) That I can do Fair Isle technique using DPNs, and
2) How to do a short-row sock heel.

The short-row heel is not my favourite, but i’m glad to at least know how to do it should it crop up again in another multicolour sock situation. Overall, I think the pattern is brilliant, so I congratulate Kathleen Taylor on coming up with the idea to use self-striping sock yarn in this fashion.

My only real nitpick is the yarn I have leftover. The pattern calls for 2 balls of black sock yarn and 2 balls of the Simple Stripes for the Size Large (which I made), but I was nowhere close to finishing the first ball of yarn. So now I have one-and-a-bit balls of Simple Stripes yarn leftover. I could easily do a 2nd pair of socks like this, but I don’t think I’d better try that any time soon lest I suddenly snap and decide to stab myself with a double-pointed needle instead. I’ll let it sit in the stash until I decide what to do with it.

Stress and Start-itis
I’ve been stressed out this last week and it’s showing in my knitting. I’m not knitting too tightly or anything, my tension is fine – it’s more that I’m starting to treat yarn purchases like retail therapy and I’m on the verge of a major case of start-itis. As a result my stash has expanded in the last week, but I’ve still managed to hold off on starting more projects.

I did give in briefly – I started in on my 2nd Philosopher’s Wool fair isle sweater with this yarn, but it wasn’t quite sitting right with me. One colour felt off (the Dark Maroon), and I didn’t feel comfortable forcing it. So, I ripped out the 5 inches of sleeve I’d done, put the yarn back in its bag, and set it aside. I’ll replace the Dark Maroon with a different colour, add in another one for balance (The pattern calls for 8 different colours and even with the Dark Maroon I only had 7), and will go back to it when I’m in a more peaceful state of knitting mind. I loved knitting my 1st Philosopher’s sweater, I don’t want to start my 2nd one feeling sour about it.

So, in an effort to restore some order to my knitting, this week I am going to concentrate on one project and one project only:

(A slightly blurry Ivy-in-progress)

My 2nd Ivy (in Highland Silk from Elann) has been on the needles for a couple of months but I keep neglecting her in favour of socks (as evidenced by the # of socks piling up on my FO list.) I’m so close and yet so far – both fronts and the back are done, so the lion’s share of the work is finished, it’s all about the sleeves now, one of which I have started.

With any luck, by this time next week I’ll be within reach of a Finished Object and a soothed knitting soul. ;)


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