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Some Knitting Humour – Firefly style

I’m not the only fannish knitter out there, right? Now, I haven’t knitted a Jayne Hat yet, but the other day I found myself pondering another Firefly/knitting overlap, mostly due to my friend K musing a while back what it would look like if the Battlestar Galactica and Buffy characters ever took up knitting. Heh.

If the ‘Firefly’ Crew Were Knitters
(One fan’s thoughts…)

I imagine that Wash was one of the first ones on the crew to pick it up. He’s got all those long hours sitting at the wheel, after all, so surely he’s on the lookout for something to fill the hours while Zoe and Mal are off on their latest caper. And his warm aran sweater has to have come from somewhere, right?

I would guess that no one’s ever actually seen Inara in the actual act of knitting, but yet she manages to appear quite often wearing extremely fine lace shawls and embroidered kimonos produced on the tiniest gauge. Also, she seems to know quite a bit about technique and has coincidentally managed to pass through the galley at just the right time when someone else needs help with their current WIP.

Kaylee, of course, needed very little convincing once she saw the things Wash and Inara were making, and so it didn’t take long before she started spending time in the handcrafts section of the markets whenever Serenity touches down. Usually a pink skein or two comes back with her and are transformed in her spare hours into warm socks that keep her cosy while working in the engine room. She has her eye on a pattern she found on the Cortex for a ruffled shawl collar jacket, though…

Simon picked up one of Kaylee’s projects once and thought it might be a good way for his sister River to pass the time. He bought her a few skeins of wool and gave her a basic sweater pattern one morning. A couple of days later when he went to ask her about the knitting again, he discovered she’d transformed the yarn not into a sweater but into some wall-hanging-like piece that used every colour, some modular techniques, and changed gauge about eight different times. She told him she found the written pattern too restricting.

Not one to feel left out, and because he thought it would be something to write home about, Jayne let the others teach him some basic techniques. There’s this scarf he’s been working on for a few months, and it’s making slow but steady progress. What usually holds him up is not the actual knitting itself – his gauge is surprisingly perfect – but that he keeps losing one of the needles. Book usually finds it for him, and wishes that Jayne would start using circulars. Most of the travellers he knows tend to figure that out sooner or later.

Zoe never saw much point to knitting, but then after that one time they nearly ran out of fuel and had to bundle up in the cold, she started to come around. She finds time work on her knitting occasionally, but usually only after-hours in her bunk with Wash.

Mal didn’t realize all this knitting was going on under his nose until he came across a stray ball of pink yarn lying around the galley – he was trying to find a wrench he thought he’d tossed aside one day – and questioned the crew about it. Kaylee reclaimed her yarn, and handed him back a ball for himself along with a set of needles. He resisted it for a little while, but then finally gave in. And besides, knee-socks go well with his boots.



A bit of progress has been made on my Ivy that’s currently on the needles – I’m half-finished the first sleeve and am hopeful that it will be a full sleeve after another couple of evenings’ work. I’m itching to cast on for some more socks, but am managing to resist so far ;)


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