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Yarn anxiety

So, a month or so ago I decided to knit my first Ribby Cardi as a gift sweater for someone this coming Christmas. Since superwash yarns are always touted as the magic bullet for gift knitting, and since KnitPicks just came out with a new worsted weight superwash yarn, I decided to take the plunge and order up a bunch for the Ribby.

I really should have looked into these things sooner – according to the Brainy Lady’s recent post, and at least 2 others I’ve come across, Swish does in fact shrink up after machine drying, changing from a row gauge of 7 rows/inch to 8 rows/inch. Ack.

There’s no going back, now, I’ve ordered the yarn and this sweater is darned sure going to be knitted with it. I’m just hoping the Ribby Cardi will stand up to some lengthening – I’ve never done a raglan sleeve before (I know, I know… *sheepish*), but I bet it’s a lot harder to lengthen those armholes than on a set-in sleeve.

Le sigh. Thankfully I”ve still got the Fair Isle sweater to distract me (I MUST finish it before starting something else, I MUST), but Christmas sure is getting closer. Hm.

It’s my department’s Halloween party tonight, so not much knitting for me this evening, but I do wish a happy Halloween to those participating in the festivities tonight! And for those who are staying home to knit, knit a row or two for me, would you? ;)


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TTC Knit-a-long

On Saturday I joined the West Team for the TTC Knit-a-long. It was a fun time.

(Note: I haven’t gone and asked individual permission to post photos, so if there is anyone pictured here who would prefer not to be, please let me know right away and I’ll take down the photo.)

Lady Octavia and I (sorrily late, we missed the 9am start at the Drake cafe) waited forlornly outside the Knit Cafe on Queen St. until we saw a group of transient knitters walk by.

We were united then, and so continued on the streetcar to Romni Wools since the Knit Cafe didn’t open until noon.

At Romni, there was much ogling of yarn and decision-making to do.

Attempted shoplifting…

Some knitting…

And kidnapping new knitters.

Then we carried on for a break at The Second Cup, where we blythely commandeered a whole table and paid no heed to confused looks from lined-up coffee patrons.

There was more knitting when we eventually headed back to the Knit Cafe…

And then we made it to Lettuce Knit in bits and pieces after lunching on Spadina. Good times had by all. Even the kitty, I think, whose ears received many little scratches from me.

I did not make it out unscathed, but I didn’t go too overboard. My wee haul included 2 Philosopher’s wool skeins, a ball of Austermann Step, and 2 Fortissima Color solids from Romni, and 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces from Lettuce Knit.

I’d like to spend the rest of the weekend just ogling my new yarn, but that would drastically cut into my knitting time.


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Pomatomus pride

The sound you hear is me collapsing with a sigh of relief.
(They’re done! They’re done!)

These are my finished Pomatomuses (Pomatomi?)

(Pomatomus socks, pattern free at Knitty by Cookie A., knit on 2.75 mm DPNs with Patons Kroy Socks, winter eclipse colourway)

This is the yarn that I had left:

(Excuse me, I have to lie down for a moment.)

This is how much of them most people will see, but I will know the truth that lies beneath the denim:

(Such modest toes from such hard labour)

Overall, I’m pleased with how these socks turned out, but boy howdy did the pattern challenge me. Additionally, by some strange twist of fate, I finished the 1st sock with about 3 yards of yarn to spare (a whole 3 yards! party!), but ran out of the 2nd ball halfway through the toe of the 2nd sock. (Those with size 11 feet – beware! Extra yarn is your friend!) I finished the toe with every little last scrap of yarn I had left. (For those curious – Yes, my gauge was the same on both socks, and yes, I stopped the foot pattern at the same place on both socks. I’m not sure what happened.)

Whee! And *phew* – a finished pair of socks just in time to count for my October “Sock a Month” Knitalong entry. What socks next, what socks next… ;)


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Late to the party on the interwebs

In another knitting ‘first’ this month, I finally started checking out the Cast On website for the audio podcasts. My friend Kelly mentioned the site to me ages ago but for some reason I never went to look at it until this week.

Well, I think I’ve just found the new magic to get me through my hour at the gym. I was starting to feel dreary of my musical playlist (Even when I add in new songs, it doesn’t take long before they feel old again), so…podcasts to the rescue! I get to think about knitting and learn about knitting and listen to a few tunes, and all the while the minutes on the elliptical trainer or the track are flying by. Awesome. And the best part is, because I came late, I still have 30+ podcasts to download. A month of podcasts, here I come! Provided I manage to ration them out and not listen to them all at once.

Also, I’ve finally gotten the hang of Bloglines (I know, I know, late to the party) – I did figure out a few weeks ago how to add that little subscription button for my site off to the sidebar, but it was only last week that I finally went and added in feeds for a bunch of blogs. So now I will keep adding at whim and I won’t have to go and scroll through my ever-increasing bookmarked list of blogs, just to check up and find out that only every 5th one has something new ;)

In WIP news, Pomatomus is well into the foot on the 2nd sock (I will wear these on Saturday! I will!), the scarf is half-finished (never again will I think less of scarf-knitting than I do of other projects, scarves go on forever and ever), and the fair-isle sweater has about 4 inches on the body. (I was going to wear that on Saturday, too. HAH. Not unless I can wear it as a pair of armwarmers and a belt ;) )

And now, back to the grind.


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Kool-Aid and such

I was very much hoping to have a Finished Object to talk about the next time I posted, but sadly that will not be the case today. I had sudden knitting ennui this weekend. During the week I kept thinking about the lovely weekend time and how I was going to just do scads of knitting and get halfway through my fair isle sweater and finish the scarf and socks…and then the weekend arrived and my knitting was there staring at me, and the magic wasn’t there. Hrmph.

BUT, I did dye a skein of sock yarn using Kool-Aid. I’m probably the millionth knit-blogger to do this, but since Lady Octavia and I have plans do do some sock dyeing once our KnitPicks orders arrive, I thought I’d try the basic Kool-Aid route for starters. This is the result:

(Could I have failed any more at winding a skein? I don’t think so. ;) )

I’ll post again with more details about the process, but the basic gist is that I did the turkey-baster and microwave method, and I used 2 packets each of Strawberry, Grape, and something called Ice Blue, which didn’t work so well. If I do this again I think I’ll try mixing the Strawberry and Grape and see if I can get a sort of dark raspberry colour. Also, maybe it’s my store or maybe it’s Canadian Kool-Aid, but there was not a large variety of flavours available. Hm.

But hey, now I have a pair of socks’ worth of fruity-smelling yarn. I hope to cast on before October is up, in honour of Socktoberfest! If I can just get the last danged Pomatomus sock done…


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Lettuce Knit

Over two and a half years of knitting, I had never been to a ‘Stitch n’ Bitch’ group – until last night.

I finally, finally, finally, finally, finally plucked up the courage to go over to Lettuce Knit for knitting night. I was so nervous when I went in that I had knots in my stomach. I know, I know…knitters are nice – and the LK knitters really are nice, I know this now – but in new group situations I get extremely shy.

But the ground did not swallow me whole, and I made what I think was acceptable conversation, and knitted my Pomatomus sock, and goggled at all the gorgeous yarn lining the walls, and did my best propaganda job for sock-knitting for the knitter sitting on my left who had never done socks before but wanted to. And I talked to Aven, and Amy, and a woman who I knew from my volunteer work but hadn’t seen in years, and lots of other ladies. And I will totally go again.

Back to my regularly-scheduled graduate student programming for today…


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I suppose I should be flattered…

…but mostly I’m frustrated.

I received a very helpful email today from a friendly knitter giving me the heads up that this website is selling sweaters using my Ivy pattern (click on the “Adult sweaters” link and you’ll see mine.). No, I did not give them permission to do this, and yes, I have immediately contacted them to advise them of this and asked them to immediately remove this offer from their website.

I’d like to think this is an unusual occurrence, but I’m quite certain it’s not.

We’ll see what happens next.

[EDIT]: What do you know? After two emails with the woman who runs this site, my sweater has now been removed from the “Adult Sweaters” page. Perhaps she just needed some clarification on the fact that YES it is my pattern and NO it didn’t come from Elann and NO she does not have my permission to profit from it. Arg.


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