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Kool-Aid and such

I was very much hoping to have a Finished Object to talk about the next time I posted, but sadly that will not be the case today. I had sudden knitting ennui this weekend. During the week I kept thinking about the lovely weekend time and how I was going to just do scads of knitting and get halfway through my fair isle sweater and finish the scarf and socks…and then the weekend arrived and my knitting was there staring at me, and the magic wasn’t there. Hrmph.

BUT, I did dye a skein of sock yarn using Kool-Aid. I’m probably the millionth knit-blogger to do this, but since Lady Octavia and I have plans do do some sock dyeing once our KnitPicks orders arrive, I thought I’d try the basic Kool-Aid route for starters. This is the result:

(Could I have failed any more at winding a skein? I don’t think so. ;) )

I’ll post again with more details about the process, but the basic gist is that I did the turkey-baster and microwave method, and I used 2 packets each of Strawberry, Grape, and something called Ice Blue, which didn’t work so well. If I do this again I think I’ll try mixing the Strawberry and Grape and see if I can get a sort of dark raspberry colour. Also, maybe it’s my store or maybe it’s Canadian Kool-Aid, but there was not a large variety of flavours available. Hm.

But hey, now I have a pair of socks’ worth of fruity-smelling yarn. I hope to cast on before October is up, in honour of Socktoberfest! If I can just get the last danged Pomatomus sock done…


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