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Late to the party on the interwebs

In another knitting ‘first’ this month, I finally started checking out the Cast On website for the audio podcasts. My friend Kelly mentioned the site to me ages ago but for some reason I never went to look at it until this week.

Well, I think I’ve just found the new magic to get me through my hour at the gym. I was starting to feel dreary of my musical playlist (Even when I add in new songs, it doesn’t take long before they feel old again), so…podcasts to the rescue! I get to think about knitting and learn about knitting and listen to a few tunes, and all the while the minutes on the elliptical trainer or the track are flying by. Awesome. And the best part is, because I came late, I still have 30+ podcasts to download. A month of podcasts, here I come! Provided I manage to ration them out and not listen to them all at once.

Also, I’ve finally gotten the hang of Bloglines (I know, I know, late to the party) – I did figure out a few weeks ago how to add that little subscription button for my site off to the sidebar, but it was only last week that I finally went and added in feeds for a bunch of blogs. So now I will keep adding at whim and I won’t have to go and scroll through my ever-increasing bookmarked list of blogs, just to check up and find out that only every 5th one has something new ;)

In WIP news, Pomatomus is well into the foot on the 2nd sock (I will wear these on Saturday! I will!), the scarf is half-finished (never again will I think less of scarf-knitting than I do of other projects, scarves go on forever and ever), and the fair-isle sweater has about 4 inches on the body. (I was going to wear that on Saturday, too. HAH. Not unless I can wear it as a pair of armwarmers and a belt ;) )

And now, back to the grind.


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