Daily Archives: October 31, 2006

Yarn anxiety

So, a month or so ago I decided to knit my first Ribby Cardi as a gift sweater for someone this coming Christmas. Since superwash yarns are always touted as the magic bullet for gift knitting, and since KnitPicks just came out with a new worsted weight superwash yarn, I decided to take the plunge and order up a bunch for the Ribby.

I really should have looked into these things sooner – according to the Brainy Lady’s recent post, and at least 2 others I’ve come across, Swish does in fact shrink up after machine drying, changing from a row gauge of 7 rows/inch to 8 rows/inch. Ack.

There’s no going back, now, I’ve ordered the yarn and this sweater is darned sure going to be knitted with it. I’m just hoping the Ribby Cardi will stand up to some lengthening – I’ve never done a raglan sleeve before (I know, I know… *sheepish*), but I bet it’s a lot harder to lengthen those armholes than on a set-in sleeve.

Le sigh. Thankfully I”ve still got the Fair Isle sweater to distract me (I MUST finish it before starting something else, I MUST), but Christmas sure is getting closer. Hm.

It’s my department’s Halloween party tonight, so not much knitting for me this evening, but I do wish a happy Halloween to those participating in the festivities tonight! And for those who are staying home to knit, knit a row or two for me, would you? ;)


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