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Happiness is a Finished Fair Isle

(One front and two sleeves, sitting pretty)

I do not, unfortunately, have FO pics to share, because while I did cut and complete the sweater this weekend, I also washed it while at my folks’ place, and it had not quite dried in time for me to take it back with me. But, I do have some pictures. Watch this space for more – I’ll try to upload the video clip I have of the cutting. (Only 3 snips. Hardly any pain involved at ALL.) ;)

(The inside.)

(Cutting the first armhole steek.)
(The collar cutout.)

Also, you can see smides of my lavender Highland Silk Ivy, of which I still have not taken proper FO pictures. D’oh!


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Friday Friday Friday

My family is half-American half-Canadian, so I will be heading off for my 2nd turkey weekend of the year as well as my father’s birthday. Ahhh, bi-national eating habits. Awesome. The Fair Isle sweater has been cast-off and is ready to be steeked and sewed, so it’s a good thing I’ll be able to pay a visit to my mother’s sewing machine at the same time.

Other than that, I got nuthin’. I’ll leave you with an outtake from the Ivy photoshoot.

I actually have more outtakes than that, but not on the computer I’m on right now. All in good time ;) Have a great weekend!


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November Socks!

I just want to say a big “HELLOOOO!” to all the lovely commenters that stop by, because it always irks me that I can’t just email right back to anonymous commenters. I do read every wee comment even if it’s just one – thanks Sarah and Linda most recently! *waves*

Anyhoo, for some Actual Knitting Content – I finished these in plenty of time to qualify for my November Socks-a-Month. Ta-da, my first Jaywalkers!

(Jaywalker sock pattern, in Knit Picks’ Bare fingering-weight,
dyed with Kool-Aid strawberry, grape, and ice blue,
knit on 2.75mm needles in the smaller size)

This size turned out just an idge too small for my feet, so this pair will be gifted, but that’s a-ok because I have another skein of Kool-Aid yarn patiently waiting to get knitted up. My good friend Kelly has been struggling with making the Jaywalkers just right and like her I think I might be in for some up-sizing to get them onto my feet comfortably. Y’all, I honestly didn’t think my feet were so much bigger than average, but like K I am finding myself constantly on the larger size of sock patterns, not just in length but in foot circumference as well.

I’m having that sort of Sunday morning when, despite all manner of chores and errands and bits of work that need to get done, all I want to do is surround myself with all possible knitting projects and indulge them. How could I say no to this face?

(Ribbi Cardi, fetching, Fair Isle, and socks, in various stages of existence.)

Happy Sunday!


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It’s Friday already?

I think I need to go back and find out where all the time went this week. ;)

Some finished Ivy sweaters are starting to pop up over at the Ivy Knit-a-long, and they’re gorgeous. It’s so gratifying to see that people are having success with the pattern! I finished my 2nd one a month ago and I still have not posted an FO picture, I really need to do that. And is it wrong that, in the back of my head, I’m thinking of doing a 3rd one in black? Stop me before I go completely nuts…(oh, wait…nevermind)

I realized I haven’t actually reported much on the Fair Isle sweater, since starting the sleeves, so out came the camera.

(‘Colour Your Own’ Fair Isle pullover,
yarn and pattern from Philosopher’s Wool)

Another 6 inches or so (so close! and yet so far!) and I’ll be ready for cutting the armhole steeks and installing the collar. The main colour is dark raspberry, of which I have used almost 2 full skeins (will probably use another 1/4 skein or so), and the 7 others are teal, navy, dark maroon, light purple heather, dark purple heather, periwinkle blue, and light blue heather. I’d wanted to have this sweater done by the end of October. HAH. ;)

I have to admit that I’m not 100% sure how wide this sweater is right now. I know it will fit me, the question is just by how much. I am guessing it is in the range of 43-44 inches around at the chest, and I have a 37 inch bust so that should really be plenty. I know, I’ll go measure right now, I promise…But either way I’ll wear it just fine. I’ll be a gorgeous comfy floppy sweatshirt kind of sweater, which will be fine because I actually don’t have too many of those. And I LOVE the raspberry.

Other things keep getting in the way, of course. And unfortunately a fair isle sweater isn’t nearly as portable as, say, socks…

(Jaywalker socks, #1 and #2 – one foot shy of a complete pair)

(Baudelaire #1, missing about 5 inches of leg)

The Baudelaires have stalled a bit – I should have expected this, the glee over a new project only lasts for so long before it becomes just another WIP ;) But I’m determined to finish something this weekend, be it the Jaywalkers or the Fair Isle. (Or both? Yeah, that’s probably a pipe dream, but a nice dream nonetheless.) Other projects await!


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Again with the Kool Aid

Not much to report on the knitting front, other than that I gave in and finally put some honesty into my WIP progress bars…adding the Baudelaires and a 4th WIP, the Ribbi Cardi I’m doing as a gift. I started it surreptitiously last week one evening and got through one ball of yarn.

Here are some delicious pics of the Kool Aid yarn I dyed last weekend, finally wound up into a ball:

(KnitPicks ‘Bare’ superwash fingering weight yarn, dyed with Kool-Aid in
Strawberry, Grape, Grape-Cherry mix and Cherry-Orange mix.)

I just love the way this skein turned out, the colours are so warm and blend very nicely together. No plans yet for a particular sock pattern, but since the first skein is doing so well with the Jaywalkers, maybe that will just be my Kool Aid pattern of choice!

My copy of the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits finally arrived last week, and of course there are so many patterns to covet, and of course I dont’ need any more projects to think about. Still…The Equestrian Jacket, Pewter Coat, and Venezia Pullover are all frikkin’ gorgeous. I might even have to have a close look at the Cabernet Ribs sweater. But I don’t understand why anyone would make that Cable and Bobble Headband…Hmm… ;)

May the rest of your weekend be filled with knitting.


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Who needs houseplants when you’ve got sock yarn?

There’s been some cheating going on.

(Baudelaire, #1, in Fortissima Socka,
and Jaywalkers, #1 and 2, in Kool-Aid yarn)

I’m still on the Jaywalkers (and have even started #2!), but the Fair Isle sweater hasn’t seen much action in the past few days because I secretly decided to cast on for Baudelaire on Sunday night. I haven’t even gone to add it to the WIP list on the sidebar, I’ve just been sort of quietly working away at it.

I tried the figure-8 cast on for it as the pattern sugests, and failed miserably, so hopefully #2 will do better on that score. But the lacy pattern is surprisingly easy to memorize, and I’m about a half-inch away from starting the gusset increases. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. My first toe-up sock!

The comments on my last post were extremely helpful! Gwyn directed me to Denise’s toe up sock pattern, which I think I may well try instead of the Widdershins pattern, and then Andrea linked to a Miram Felton toe-up tutorial which also looks worth a try. I have 2 pairs of Lorna’s Laces skeins waiting for a plain toe-up sock with a flap heel, and one of these may well be the lucky pattern. Failing that, I’ll see if I can modify the Baudelaire construction (as long as it works) for a stockinette sock.

In explanation of my post title – I’ve been photographing things against my pile of sock yarn (the pile hasn’t grown since the last post, thankfully), because that window has the best natural light in my house. I took the plants out of it over the summer because they were baking in the sun and heat, and a couple of months back I used it to photograph some sock yarn – the yarn never made it back to the stash, and I see no reason not to display it out in the open. And it is at least as colourful as the Christmas cactus blossoms :)


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Has anyone out there knitted the Widdershins socks? And have you managed to increase the stitches? Because a 54-sts-around sock on 2.0 mm needles sure ain’t fittin’ my foot, and it’s the only toe-up sock pattern I’ve encountered with an actual heel flap.

I dyed some more Kool-Aid yarn with my mom this weekend. She did hers in even sections of red and purple, I tried some mixing and got a sort of harvest-mix of colours, with purple, orange, and purple-ish red.

Still plugging along on the Jaywalkers and the fair isle. Onwards for the rest of the weekend!


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