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I am knitter hear me roar

Just ignore my bleary-morning-just-got-up-an-hour-ago expression in this photo and move on to the SWEATER! :D

(Colour Your Own Fair Isle Pullover, yarn and pattern by Philosopher’s Wool: special raspberry (base), light blue heather, periwinkle, jade, navy, dark maroon, light purple heather, dark purple heather)

I’m wearing this today in honour of the first daytime temperatures at freezing. I think December has arrived ;) I’ve been a bit MIA this past week, but have still been managing to get a bit of knitting done. The first Kool-Aid sock of pair #2 is finished, and the second is on the way…

(Basic socks – Kool Aid is awesome)

I love Kool Aid. This weekend my friend K and I dyed some sock yarn with the Knit Picks jacquard dyes. I did some solids with the tweedy Bare superwash:

The colours are brilliant, but MAN is there ever still a vinegary smell hanging around the yarn…I might have to give it another rinse and shampoo before being able to knit it up. Hmm. AT least Kool Aid gives you a nice fruity smell!

And with that, back to Monday I go. May your knitting not be far away!


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