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Resolutions Ahoy

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Yep, I am indeed going to be attempting Wendy’s Knit From Stash 2007 challenge. I know I don’t have the same unwieldy stashes that many of my betters have, but I do still have a stash nonetheless. It is big enough to keep me in knitted projects for many months at the very least, so I would be doing myself a favour to remind myself to knit from it more often.

She posted her guidelines and encourage people to modify them to their own needs, so in the interest of Full Disclosure, I shall reveal here and now what I will call My Rules:

1. The Knit-From-Your-Stash will last for the duration of the calendar year 2007. (I have no current knitting/spinning festivals earmarked for attendance at which to end the Stash-a-thon, unlike Wendy.)

2. I will not buy yarn during that period, with the following exceptions. New yarn may be purchased if:

a) It is sock yarn.
Do you know, I think I may just strike this one. It’s a bold move, to be sure, since I know most knitters don’t ‘count’ sock yarn as actual stash or yarn-diet restriction, but I’ve got enough sock yarn to be getting on with for the moment. I’ll let myself buy sock yarn once I’ve knitted at least another half dozen pairs of socks. Heh. We’ll see how that works. ;)

b) If I am making a gift which cannot be accommodated with yarn from the stash.

c) If I am working on a design which cannot be accommodated with yarn from the stash.

d) If I am working on a project that is running out of yarn and needs more to be completed.

3. I get one “get out of jail free” card and can cheat once. (Just as Wendy suggests for herself – I feel this is totally fair ;) )

4. I am allowed to receive yarn as gifts.

Heh. We’ll see how this goes. :)

I wish you all a lovely New Year’s Eve – who’d have thought the 00s were going to fly by this quickly? May your knitting take you to new and fabulous places in 2007. Mine sure has – it’s brought me here, after all!


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