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"I sucked. Now I suck less."

I’m having one of those weeks where I have so many project ideas running through my head that I’m practically dizzy with just wanting to stay at home and knit all day. (It is a testament to my Fear of The Dissertation that I am actually dragging myself into campus and forcing myself to do something that approximates actual work, instead of the knitting.) But at least I still have a portable project in my purse to keep me content at break time – I’m on to the first sleeve of the Ribbi Cardi, and that’s awesome. I just hope the dear sweater will forgive me for whipping through it at near-breakneck pace – I’m ready to finish it and move on to other things and finally indulge my start-itis on something new.

This morning I ran a few laps at the track (while listening to Cast-On) and mulled over all the T-shirts people wear. Some of them have slogans on them that have enough of a sarcastically competitive edge to genuinely annoy me (“Hurry up and lose, we have work to do!” or my new fave, “If I can’t win, then I don’t want to play” – written in faux-crayon children’s scrawl). A gal had one on that read: “MIP: I sucked. Now I suck less.”

At root that one’s got more than a little bit of sarcasm behind it, but then at least it is optimistic in the end – it’s more about improvement and self-worth than about Being Competitive All The Time. And that’s really not a bad attitude to bring to the knitting or any aspect of life, really. Because my first scarf and hat? They kind of sucked. But now, my knitting sucks less. ;)

This post has been brought to you by the letters P (for “procrastination,” and “photo-less post”) and C (for “chocolate”, always ready in times of need). May your yarn not be far from you today.


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