Daily Archives: February 14, 2007


I’ll show you white…

(The view from my front stoop.)

This is the most snow we’ve had in the T-Dot all winter, but it ain’t NOTHIN’ compared to what the rest of Southern Ontario and the northeastern United States have been getting. A shame, too, because I could have really gone for a rip-roaring blizzard and the excuse to snuggle at home such as people just west of us have gotten. Reports say upwards of 70cm. Is it wrong to be jealous?

In Valentine’s Day news, my pattern-a-day calendar is telling me to “impress my sweetheart or be the hit of the bridal shower, with this unique knitted thong!” Um. Maybe I’ll pass on that one. And since my sweetheart today will be something in chocolate form, and I have no bridal showers to speak of, I shall look elsewhere for knitting inspiration today ;)

(Also, another of my single friends reminds me that “Yarn loves you and never judges.” I feel that this is a wise mantra.)


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