Daily Archives: February 15, 2007


Yesterday, there was some of this:


I’m not gonna lie. There may also have been some tears and some language I’m not proud of. After three years of knitting, some time in the last two weeks the gauge fairy has finally started to come around and kick me in the shins. This never used to happen to me. My only explanation is that I have been vastly underestimating my Thesis Anxiety. The result is that, the above (currently still camera-shy) project now has to be re-knit for a third time. Please allow me some mourning.

As I take a moment to grieve and gather my wits, I will return to knitting on this:

(My harmless Patons Kroy socks.)

…and I will cling to the belief that surely plain stockinette socks can’t hurt me. My world is all askew.

In other news, after Wool-Tyme frakked up my order for Cash Iroha, and my LYS seems to have every colour of that yarn except the one I want, I am considering putting Poppy plans on hold in favour of the Kitchen Sink sweater. Because I could probably start that today (if I wanted) just by pulling out oddballs and leftovers from my stash. Also, I bet that sweater would be damn fun.

May your Thursday bring you a minimum of knitting-related disasters.


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