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This is me not knitting

Thank you so much for the elbow sympathies! (Rebecca, when you had this problem, were you able to knit while it healed? How much time off did you take?)

Yeah, the whole thing about not knitting is that it’s not nearly as fun as actually knitting. But on the other hand, it does give me more time to consider things like the stash – and increase my stash guilt due to woe over how fast I’ll be able to knit it up (well, who are we kidding – how fast I’ll be able to knit some of it up) and how long the horrible elbow will sideline me. (Maybe I will bring yarn to San Fran with me next week…Maybe I’ll try just a little bit of easy flat knitting and see what happens…yeah…)

April13 001b

So, the fine ladies over at Stash and Burn are collecting de-stash tips for their podcast, and I’ve been working on one so far this week that I’m actually kind of looking forward to trying. Since, really, my original personalized Knit from Your Stash rules still afford me a whoooooollllle lotta leeway, I’m going to give myself the incentive of paying myself for de-stashing. This means: I get a toonie (that’s a Canadian $2 coin) for every week that I don’t buy any yarn or for every small project that I finish (socks, hat), and $5 for every large project that I finish from the stash (sweater, blanket). Sadly I have not made this retroactive. All those weeks where my willpower held out will have to stand as their own little testimonial to stash-busting. But I’ll admit it, I’ve already cheated once on the original Knit From Your Stash – possibly twice.

(I sent this tip over to Stash and Burn and they asked me what I would do with the money I save. And I realized I hadn’t even thought that far yet. I suppose “roll around in it” would be overly decadent, so at the moment I’m thinking about a) gadgets, b) books, c) charitable donations, d) other options yet to be determined. Or, you know, all of the above, depending on how well I do ;) )

Since there ain’t much knitting going on right now I will have to concentrate on the not-buying. So far so good this week. ::plinks a toonie into the jar::

Send the Stash and Burn ladies your stash-busting tips, they’d love ’em!


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