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Hold that thought

Le sigh. The left arm is doing better than it was, but it ain’t back to normal. I may have to take another few days off knitting entirely, once again, and it just makes me want to weep since I have soooooo many projects that I want to cast on for, many of them socks or sock-like things.

I realized, when paying specific attention to the motion of my hands and arms during knitting, that I was twisting my left arm slightly every time I helped a stitch off the LH needle to the RH needle. I don’t know if I’ve always done this or if it was a recent thing, but over the last couple of days I’ve tried working on Poppy with a more immobile left arm and this seems to be putting less stress on my elbow. (Just 3 inches away from finishing the body.)


However, as soon as I try holding a set of DPNs, things really do tense up in the elbow area, so I’m still clearly recovering from an RSI that hasn’t resolved itself yet. So, cold turkey for a few more days + icing + ibuprofen. If it’s still not better by next week I will have to go in to see someone about it. Woe. I don’t want my knitting to hurt me. And more importantly, I don’t want to not be able to knit. (Next week I travel to San Francisco for a conference and I am considering – wait for it – not bringing any knitting with me. I know, I just about pass out when I say that.) My sister is gleefully knitting away on cotton washcloths – oh why dost the cotton mock me so? It knows my arms are not strong enough to take it.

I am learning a few things about myself and my habits, though. One is that my knitting addiction is clearly stronger than my television addiction. If I’m knitting, I’ll leave anything on the TV even if it’s a movie I’ve seen five times already. But if I’m sitting there not knitting? Meh. So not worth it unless it’s a new episode of one of my handful of regular shows. (These are, and I know the guilty pleasure status of all of them, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office.) And I do have other things to do this week in the evenings, such as, oh, write that presentation for that conference next week, or deal with the pile of grading I just got yesterday. But still. It ain’t knitting.

What do you do when you’re not knitting?


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Presenting my friend D, who just finished a fantabulous all-in-one-piece garter stitch sweater (with attached i-cord trim, yum), in Naturally Vero (I think it is a Fiber Trends pattern?):


She wore it this weekend on our White Easter, and said that even though she was ready to throw it out the window of a moving car (or something like that) after all the yarn-eating garter stitch, she loves the result. I would too, quite frankly, particularly with the awesome brooch to go with it.

The Easter Bunny brought chocolate, as well as something else. I am now in possession of my very own ball-winder, yipee! It is already providing me with singular glee…


I can tell that there is a certain skill to the winding, though. The first ones turned out way too loose and I think the last ones were too tight. I wound my earmarked-for-Clessidra 4 balls of Knit Picks Gloss (this means I am actually inching closer to starting them, even though I haven’t actually cast on), and 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces earmarked for the Endpaper Mitts.

Tonight I have a date with some chocolate, and with the comfy couch.


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For Your Information

Did you know that Hershey has a Special Dark flavour of Hershey’s Kisses? And that they have 3g of dietary fibre per serving? I did not know this. I think I am going to have to go looking for some Hershey’s Kisses. (I am still mourning the fact that the Cherry Cordial ones were only a limited edition. I wonder if the Vanilla Creme ones are available in my area…)

The elbow is starting to twitch again, so I might have to slow the knitting down again this weekend, pooh. But here is an obligatory progress shot of Poppy anyhow:


Have a great weekend!




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Nothing is more important to you right now…

…than looking at these photos of adorable chidren:

(Laura with Aven‘s wee guy)

He gets very excited about all the yarn, and expresses his appreciation for knitters through happy wailing.


(Elizabeth with Emily’s wee gal)



She expresses her love of yarn by cutely sticking her fingers in her mouth and watching your every move with a hint of a smile on her face.

I took these pics last week but needed to make sure I had permission from both the mamas to post. And look at me, I went to knit night last night too – a whole two weeks in a row, someone stop the presses! I am going to try to keep going because I like seeing everyone’s knitting and all the yarn and needles (for some reason I never buy on a Wednesday, though – i talk myself out of it and then go back on Friday, heh). But I always feel like I don’t know what to contribute to the conversation. I don’t have kids or a spouse, and talking about my dissertation makes me want to twitch and break out into hives. So mostly I sit and try not to say anything very stupid. Baby steps.

(Poppy progress – 2/3 of a front and the beginning of a sleeve)


And it would just go figure that when I finally do finish the springtime-y perfect-for-April-in-Project-Spectrum socks, we get snow overnight. Ah well, I will prefer to think of it as, “more time in which I can wear the handknitted socks and sweaters I finally finished.” Yes.

(Basic socks in Austermann Step, colour #10 melba, 2.75mm DPNs – please pay no attention to the unwoven ends and ungrafted toes)


This weekend, I predict lots of chocolate-eating, knitting on Poppy, and possibly casting on for something new depending on how the arms and wrists hold up. Happy knitting!


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Welcome to the new blog! I’ve come over here to WordPress and have moved all of the content over from my Blogspot account, and even gussied up the place with a new header, courtesy of my lovely sister.

The knitting resumes! I still think I might have some residual stiffness, but my arms were recovered enough after nearly a week of not knitting (I made an exception for Wednesday night at Lettuce Knit). I decided that maybe some nice 5mm needles would be gentle enough to get back into things with, and finally, finally, finally cast on for Poppy:


In my visiting this weekend I spent some time with the parents and friends, including young 10-year-old E who was interested enough in the whole knitting thing to allow me to teach her for a bit this weekend. Here is her progress as of lunchtime today – 6-8 whole rows of garter stitch, which, I might add, included extremely even tension, no dropped stitches, and no invented increases. Also, she was already starting to use phrases like “I’ll just finish this row”, and had taken up knitting in the car.


However, somewhere along the way she started throwing her stitches clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, resulting in twisted stitches. She decided that she was happy doing this anyway, and as long as she did all her stitches the same, who the heck cares? I was inclined to agree at the time, since, hey, the girl is doing pretty well and was enjoying it, so who am I to beat the enthusiasm out of her by talking about technique. But, when she does move on to doing stockinette stitch and otehr things, I imagine it would be helpful to produce non-twisted stitches. Is there a way to un-twist twisted knit stitches on the purl side? From what little I know of combined knitting, i thought the twisting happens on the purl and the un-twisting happens on the knit, but this would be the opposite.

Anyhoo. Hoo-ray for new knitters!

I’m still trying to figure out some finer points of this blog, such as how the heck to use Flickr (is it even possible? i just get code…), but I’m sure all will be figured out in time. I hope your knitting week is a good one…


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