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Final Stages


(From the Card Catalog Generator)

(I had to answer these questions a lot this past weekend – well, mostly the first two. I’m kind of wondering how I didn’t dissolve into anxious tears after about the 10th time.) So anyhow, today I think I’ll try to do enough of something that I don’t feel guilty about going to Lettuce Knit tonight. I haven’t been in a while, and yanno, I think I kind of miss it. ;)

In other news, my sister finished a really awesome sweater, and she said she’ll let me tell you the whole story about it once there are some final final FO pics. (Well, it’s maybe not that awesome a story. But in it my knitting obsession and TV-fannishness are combined, so I call that a win.)

Happy Wednesday, may your knitting not be far from you…


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