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Thesis before Knitting

I’m on to the 2nd of my kilt hose stockings, but I’m going to try to hold myself off from taking a photo until I’m finished both of them – I guess this is my way of trying to stave off Second Sock Syndrome ;)

But, I realized I never showed a Finished Object photo of something else I finished a little while ago:


I think I’ll wear these for the Yarn Harlot event on Friday, since most of my knits are just too warm for the weather we’ll get this week!

As I’ve been knitting the kilt hose with the Apple Laine sock yarn, I’ve developed some concerns about the yarn. Like Kelly, I encountered a skein with a significant # of joins in it – i.e. more than 3, which is enough to make me sit up and notice. However, my other concern is the consistency of colouration in the dye:


I don’t know if you can see it well enough in this photo, but the effect is as though someone has come along with a dark magic marker and drawn short lines across the sock. This has happened in both of the 2 skeins I have worked with so far. And because it’s the sort of thing that is more noticeable in the knitted fabric than in the yarn itself, I didn’t notice it fully until after I’d reached the foot and was on the home stretch of the stockinette.

When I did contact the Apple Laine people about my concerns, they said I could send them my original invoice and the offending skeins for a refund – and I would expect this kind of response and certainly appreciate it. But since that would involve ripping up an entire kilt hose stocking, I’m not sure that would ease my heartbreak at all. I’m debating whether or not to do this, but I’m leaning towards not – ripping up an entire stocking at this point would only lead to more anguish. And then I would either a) have no yarn at all, or b) have more yarn that might still be suspect.

[EDIT]: There’s an update on this; They have offered to send me some replacement skeins once new ones have been dyed. I think this is very generous and I will be happy to see how they knit up.

Moral of the story – I cannot fully recommend this yarn (at least in the solids – I don’t imagine these dyeing issues would happen in the multicoloured variants), and I don’t think I will be buying any more, which is a shame because the colours are nice and the yarn itself feels lovely and soft. It behaves more like a light sport weight which is why I chose to use it here in the stockings. I’ll knit up the stuff I’ve got and leave it at that. If you’ve got some of this yarn at home, I really recommend giving it a careful look while it’s in the unwound hank, before using it. Check for joins, check for discolouration BEFORE you knit it up, and get a refund if you think it is warranted.

That’s all for today…Must work on Thesis before knitting, must work on Thesis before knitting…


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