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Oh, Knitpicks.

I will say that I do enjoy KnitPicks yarns. Sometimes, though, I really don’t like KnitPicks. There are times when it seems like they are trying so hard to follow the trends that they completely miss the mark.

As for example – my inbox told me a couple of days ago that KnitPicks encourages us all to buy the new book No Sheep For You! Awesome, it’s a great book, I’ve been drooling over ‘Morrigan’ and ‘Bacardi’ ever since I saw it. But why, oh why, when the whole purpose of the book is not to knit with any wool or wool-related fibres, has KnitPicks chosen to present the Tomato tee in a cotton/wool blend? It’s not as though Main Line was their only choice, either, they could have easily worked up that pattern to gauge with one or two other non-animal yarns they have in stock. (Shine Worsted, anyone?)

And then there’s the gorgeous After Dark nightie (knitted recently by Mind of Winter) from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. It’s gorgeous and delicate and sexy, but half the reason it’s gorgeous and delicate and sexy is because it’s knitted lightly in a sport-weight linen at a leisurely 5 sts/inch. KnitPicks, on the other hand, has chosen to present this delicacy in a worsted-weight cotton blend. Again, they could have easily gone with one of their sport or DK-weight cotton or cotton blends, why strangle this pattern with a heavy worsted-weight? That sure ain’t gonna keep me cool in the summer evenings.

Of course, I say all of this as I contemplate that Euroflax Linen I saw a few weeks ago at Lettuce Knit and forgot to check back for last week. Maybe it’ll still be there this week when I go again…Maybe I’ll be able to knit my own luxurious summer nightie…Yeah…Um, right after I finish this sweater and kilt hose that are still sitting around my WIP list. ;)

Happy long weekend to Americans…We had our long weekend last week, so today I will be putting in some time on campus and trying to plug away at the Thesis while my knitting lies in my handbag in case of need. Gotta get that word count climbing. Tomorrow – hopefully a book review!


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