Daily Archives: June 1, 2007

Feeling Finished

I finished something last night:


Full pics this weekend when I can do it properly. Maybe if it’s cool enough for the Knit in Public day TTC yarn crawl I can wear them then and ‘represent’ in style.

I’ve also been working on a smaller project for Knit the Classics, which I have until Sunday to finish. (Me + Deadline Knitting = Anxious Me.) The book was Dante’s Inferno, which explains why part of it looks like this (perhaps less blurry in real life):


So, I gotta get the 2nd half finished by Sunday, then contemplate next projects. And put my head in my hands and wonder how it got to be June already. Also, I’ve spent the last couple of evenings engaging my inner fangirl and hunkering down with some Buffy DVDs. Just had to. It’s good for the knitting and frivolity, what can I say. Any other Buffy fans out there?

The humidity and heat has arrived and promptly started sucking the life out of me yesterday – I have to remember to drink more water. On with Friday…May your knitting not be far!


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