Daily Archives: June 25, 2007


I still do not have my laptop. Apparently the part they need has been backordered and they continue to wait for the manufacturer to deliver it. If a fourth Monday goes by without my own laptop in my possession, I may not be responsible for my actions. ::sob::

(PS I am never buying another Toshiba anything ever, ever again.)

Since my knitting mojo also appears to be broken and I have not made a great deal of progress on any of my projects, I’ll leave you instead with a picture from Thursday night on Bloor St, with my friend C outside the new Royal Ontario Museum, post-Pirates viewing. (Somewhere in those 2hrs 45 minutes is a really great 2 hour dramatic action flick.)


I wonder how many precision* viewings of Pride and Prejudice it will take for me to forget about computer issues. I may also require copious amount of chocolate. Any and all other suggestions for coping mechanisms are greatly appreciated!

*Aka all Lizzie/Darcy scenes plus a few chez Bennets, with the scene at dawn taking possibly 3 or 4 extra views.


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