Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

Looking up

This is me hugging my laptop.

It’s back, it’s repaired, i got the message last night and went in today after lunch to pick it up, and now it’s in my laptop bag waiting for me to get it home and boot it up. I can feel my state of mind improving already.

My sister (who has some excellent photos from her UK/Scotland trip up on her blog, if you’re feeling photographically inclined) has scored a house-sitting gig farther away from downtown, which has a nicer kitchen than ours, a deck for sitting, as well as central air (that will be particularly handy when the temp spikes again next week to the mid-30s). I am preparing to pack up a few belongings and join her for a few days, and will bring work and knitting along too.

I’m also dreaming about things to cook and bake. I think perhaps I’ll start with some of these (ooh and some nice olives maybe too), then perhaps these for dessert…And surely what with all this nice fruit around the markets these days, a few daquiris might not go amiss.

By the end of the weekend I might not even care about my knitted mistakes anymore, I’ll be in a pleasant food coma instead.

Happy Friday!


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