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Battening down the hatches

I keep forgetting to mention that I’m moving.

A couple of weeks ago at LK I mentioned this and Maryann and Emily reacted with surprise and concern. I’ve known about this for quite a while but I think it hasn’t registered in my conversation because a) I’m planning on having a first draft of my dissertation before I go (which will be mid-August,) and if I somehow don’t talk specifically about that then maybe time will move more slowly and the draft will get done easy, lalalalalalalaaa…. and b) I’m not going far. Only to my hometown, which is about an hour’s drive away from Toronto and attached to regular bus and train transportation. I’ll also still be coming back and forth to Toronto quite a bit because of study and work keeping me here, so I’m hoping to still manage to get to Lettuce Knit once a month at least. But the main thing is that I’m a little up in the air right now while I finish my degree and figure out What To Do Next, and Toronto is just too expensive for people who are up in the air.


The thing is my hometown doesn’t have the same depth and variety of yarn availability as Toronto does – there are yarn stores, yes, but it’s nothing compared to living within walking distance of Romni Wools and Lettuce Knit. So, the last few months I haven’t felt guilty about snagging a couple extra skeins of yarn (let’s say, oh, from the Lorna’s Laces and Socks that Rock that LK has recently gotten in stock), because soon I won’t have the same yarn shop access. Emily called this ‘battening down the hatches’.

My stash has grown quite a bit in 3 years – what you see above is about half of it. It’s a young stash compared with many others, I know, but it’s a lot for one knitter and I’m going to have to start applying my talents to it more dedicatedly. Sometimes I have guilt over it. But I also find it very comforting to have around, it reassures me that I will always have something to knit no matter what.

In the last month or two my sister and I have taken a few weekend trips home and have been bringing with us bags and boxes of things we can live without for a short while (she is moving too, though we will not be co-residents as we have been for the last 4 years). On a psychological level this has helped us start to prepare for the Actual Move, and to prune out old clothes, books, and papers we don’t need any more. I haven’t pruned any of my stash, but I did move it, too. Before I did I had to pull out a few projects’ worth of yarn to keep with me here in Toronto, and it was kind of an odd feeling. I’ve gotten used to just having that pile of yarn at ready access, rather than actually planning out what to use first.


For a brief moment I considered sending on the knitting books, too, but I couldn’t in the end. I like having them nearby to pore over and dream. (These are probably my favourites, but not all). Sometimes I just like reading through a couple of them before bed and it’s very comforting. Or in one of those moments when even though I’ve got 3 projects on the go, that shouldn’t stop me from dreaming 5 projects in advance, so I go through the sock books and mentally figure out which sock yarn I have would go with what patterns, or I wonder if I’ve got enough of one yarn to knit that one shrug in ‘Runway Knits’, or I ask myself what yarn I would buy if i was going to knit that beautifully ambitious cabled sweater from ‘Viking Patterns for Knitting,’ or I look at stitch patterns and wonder what sweaters I could turn them into…It’s hard to live without fodder for dreams, you know? ;)

And now, Monday begins…


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