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Still Life with Boxes


Well, my life isn’t incredibly ‘still’ right now, but let’s pretend it is. We’ll pretend I don’t still have craploads of writing to do (i’ve been writing during the day, I swear! agh… and am taking the evening/weekend times to pack/recharge my sanity/stare at the rubble). We’ll just pretend all these boxes are “decor”.

Tonight’s my last chance to get out to Lettuce Knit as a resident Toronto citizen. I don’t know when my next LK night will be! I’ll look forward to seeing a few of you there, I hope it doesn’t rain on us. I have needles for Em (possibly for other people, too, if she doesn’t want all of ’em, heh) and a bag for Maryann, and a great need to be soothed by yarn.

That’s the 2nd Monkey sock up there on the boxes, waiting to be my second full pair of socks that I reel in this week – I finished the basic socks with that happy colourful Online Linie…and then stuffed ’em in a box. ;)

Off I go to pull myself together for today and then hide in the air-conditioned refuge of the campus library. Damned thesis ain’t gonna write itself. (But oh how I wish it would.)


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