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How to recover from a move

I imagine there are many ways of doing this, and I have been trying a few of them. (Baking, glasses of wine, and unpacking one box at a time are some which come to mind). Then there are all knitting and yarn-related recovery options. On the day after my move, however, I don’t think I was fully prepared for exposure to yarn. My Hamilton friend D had already been to the annual ‘tent sale’ at the Ancaster yarn store ‘The Needle Emporium’, but since Thursday was the last day and I had just arrived…well, I suppose it was only natural that I would go.

And, well, I suppose the result was predictable. Here’s what happens when you go to a tent sale and “aren’t really going to buy anything”:

Aug18 003

Now, while you’re recovering from that picture, allow me to explain how the sale went. There were 3 different sizes of bags, each with a different price tag on them. I ended up with a “large” bag, which cost $150. You went through the tent and filled up your bag and then paid the requisite price according to your bag size. And since it was the last day of the sale, they were also giving away a free small bag’s worth with every medium or large bag.

I’ve heard stories from D about that first day of the sale – how it was very quiet and intense inside that tent, how the sock yarn went within the first hour, how there were people walking out with entire bags full of Noro Kureyon…. So my take was from a much more limited selection, but lo and behold there were a few boxes of Jamieson’s shetland in varying weights. After a tour around the tent, I finally settled in front of those boxes and started digging, pulling out everything that matched colours and then more and more that would complement each other…I kept on stuffing. I ended up with 30 skeins of Jamieson’s Chunky Shetland in about 5-6 different colours, as well as a bag of ‘Trillium’ (viscose/linen) from Needful Yarns, and some oddballs like a skein of Butterfly cotton and a ball of Cashmerino Aran. All told, I think I walked out with over $500 worth of yarn.

Dude, it was Jamieson’s. I couldn’t say no. At the time I thought, “cool, a whackload of sweaters.” My sister is steering me towards a log cabin “moderne” style from Mason-Dixon. So…yeah. Lookie there, eh? My stash is groaning at me, but I’m trying desperately not to care. Is it wrong that now that i sit and look at it…I wonder if I should have tried to stuff another 5 skeins in there? ;)

Next post I’ll have more cupcakes to talk about, thanks to my parents’ kitchen not being in a state of rubble. (and I should mention yet again how awesome they have been in all this moving and shaking going on.) I hope all y’all out there in the blogosphere are well.


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