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The madness has got to stop

I think I need to just accept my stash and my stashing ways and stop pretending to have any ability to “maintain” or “de-stash” what I’ve got, because damn. These August sales are killing me.


I was chatting on Ravelry with Kim, another knitter from Hamilton, who told me about a summer tent sale going on at the Spinrite factory outlet in Listowel, Ontario. They have (produce?) all the Patons and Bernat yarns, and sell a few other things along the way. She kindly allowed me to tag along (even though I ::cough:: had us drive for 15 mins in the wrong direction on the way back ::cough::) and, well, we bought some stuff. I’m not going to go into full and complete detail, but I’ll just say that 4 bags of Patons Shetland Chunky for $30 is a darned good deal. Patons Urban Aran and Starsky, (and oh, a few bazillion baby sweaters and blankets) here I come.

[Edit:] Just FYI – we unfortunately caught the tent sale on the last day, so yarn by the bagful isn’t an everyday experience at Spinrite. (Damnit.) But their regular stock IS indeed priced lower than average retail price. It’s worth the trip as far as I’m concerned. ;)

That should have been enough. It really should have been enough. But we decided to stop in Waterloo as well, and check out another unfamiliar Local Yarn Store, Cloth & Clay. It’s inside a shopping complex downtown on King St. (close to ample public parking, FYI), and at first we were a little faked-out because we didn’t expect to find a yarn shop in a little mall across from the usual mall-ish clothing stores – but there it was, and so we went in. Seriously, y’all, I gotta go back there. I stood there in front of a veritable wall of Briggs & Little Regal in all the colours and sort of whimpered a little bit. They had Fleece Artist, Koigu, Trekking, Louet, Manos, Wooly Bully, Hemp for Knitting, Berrocco…it goes on and on. Their selection of books is one of the best I’ve seen outside of Toronto. I mentioned that I’d been living in Toronto and had recently moved to Hamilton, and she mentioned a couple of other yarn shops in Toronto and Hamilton areas and I said – “No no. You’re competitive. Really.”


Oh yeah, and for August their whole store was 20% off. I got a few skeins of Hemp For Knitting but I could have done so much more damage. And the saleswoman was very nice, and I realize now that I completely forgot to ask her her name, and I should have.

And Kim, if there is a next time, I will totally read the maps right this time. ;)


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