(Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?)*

I admit that I did not get any work done yesterday. Instead I moped around the house and procrastinated fearfully and then finished my 2nd pair of Monkey socks. But aren’t they cute?


And then I realized I don’t think I ever posted an FO photo of my first pair of Monkeys. They’re 1 repeat too short to fit me, so I’ll turn ’em into a gift (I gotta figure out exactly how much I can get out of a single skein of Socks That Rock – size 11 feet are not meant for this kind of game of derring-do without a nice method of splitting the skein evenly in half), but that’s fine. More Monkeys will come, I’m sure.


And earlier this week, after a day of commuting when I couldn’t stand to look at the same knitting I’d been knitting on transit both ways, I sat down and started in on that damn garter stitch. It has this lovely only-minimal-thought-required sort of quality, and it made me realize that were it not for the rapid yarn-eating pace of garter stitch, I’d surely do it more often. Anyhoo, I’m already on block 3 of the Moderne Log Cabin:


It’s going to be warm and cozy when it’s done. The trouble is, with every block the rows get longer and longer and so does the time it takes to complete a block, so…we’ll see how speedy it is all in due course. Or until start-itis striks again. Heh.

*Actually, I’d be okay with just the $1,000,000. (Or maybe another exotic pet. Like a llama or an emu. Okay yeah, the procrastination is making me a little punchy.)


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9 responses to “(Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?)*

  1. Ooh those are gorgeous socks! I could use a couple more pairs of handknit socks; the weather is really awful at the moment, and not at all kind to small feet who are prone to being cold no matter what time of year. ;) I think maybe my next socks should have a pattern that’s not just a 2-row; those bore me something awful…

    Anyway. LOVE the Monkeys! :P

  2. Pretty little monkeys! Very cute.

    The idea of plain garter stitch is strangely appealing to me right now too. I hope that you’re settling in well and adjusting to life outside the core.

  3. Soo

    Monkeys are a fab pattern. I’ve just finished my second pair as well.

    And wahey to the BNL reference!

  4. Lady O

    I’ll take the llama instead. (Monkeys are scary!!)

    But the socks are very cool. And the yarn is gorgeous!

    Isn’t knitting awesome? It makes procrastination productive!

  5. Haha, what Lady O said…productive procrastination! heh.

    Love the Monkeys, both pair, both fabulous!
    I’m really lovin’ the colours you’re using for the blankie.

  6. Moggle

    Fantastic monkeys. I love the colours in your log cabin too.

  7. Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve seen a lot of monkey socks but I don’t think I’ve yet seen a picture that shows off the pattern that well. They are definitely on my short list now.

  8. great Monkey’s!!! fun pattern…..

  9. Liz

    Did you just say “like a llama…or an emu”? (I can just hear the little lilt in his voice on “emu.” E-mu!) Ahahahaha!