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If it’s Wednesday it must be random

The geographer and the knitter in me are both piqued by this new development: KnitMap.

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It’s in beta-testing at the moment, but the gist of it is that this is an online yarn-store-finder, to help you answer those questions about, “I’m going to be a tourist in [insert city here] and I want to visit a yarn shop near [insert location], does anybody know where I should go?” I have to go do more checking out myself, but generally? I think this is all of the awesome. Yes, let’s have a global knitter’s map, please. Go sign up! Start registering your favourite yarn shops! Find yarn shops you never knew existed!

A little while back I signed up for the 2nd wave Clapotis knit-a-long, which “officially” starts September 24th. I’ve never made a Clapotis, but I’m convinced now that it’s worth a shot for the versatility and beauty. Mine will be knit in Patons SWS…just as soon as I can cast something off and make room for it ;) Um, how fast can I finish that Log Cabin blanket?

In other news, today I feel like complete crud, nicely timed on the day I kept as a stay-in-Hamilton-and-write day. Do I have your permission, oh blogosphere, to lie on the couch and clutch my knitting and sip juice? Because I think that’s what I’m going to do. Bleah.

Oh yeah – apparently it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day again. Heh. Where be my yarrrrrn?


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