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Clinging to October

Thank you all for your comments on my randomness in the last post. They were great to read.

It can’t really be the end of October, can it? Lalalalala, I can’t heeeeeaaar youuuu….Because if it is November then it is the month I have to hand in my draft and finally schedule my first defense date and…and…and….eeeeaaaaaaalllgllglgjgjgjjgjjghhhhhhhrrrrgggllllleeee….. :::gasps and pulls hair::

Today I have officially procrastinated all I can possibly procrastinate on, short of actually putting knitting needles and yarn in my hands. (Ok, not quite all. I haven’t done laundry yet.) I have to get writing because I am so close to finishing and I am the only thing standing in my way, and yet all I want to do is hide under the covers and go lalalallalalala, I can’t heeeearrr youuuu….

Sadly doing that does not make the thesis finish itself. Nor does reading the blogs, although Martha has a great post up today about knitterly things.

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But since today is Halloween and I do have a resident black cat to snuggle with (she is on orders to stay inside today, lest she encounter Overly Superstitious People Up To No Good On Halloween), so I’d best get a move on something before the day is out.



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