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Quick fix

I take back every bad thing I ever thought about swatches. Swatches are awesome. You know when swatches are particularly awesome? When by your own rules you are not allowed to actually start the project yet but you need to do something to take the edge off because you’re so tired of using the project as bait for Real Life things but making a swatch is not against the rules.

So, I swatched for Venezia (scroll down). I love these little swatches so much. They are so pretty I might frame them afterwards. I keep going and looking at them and petting them and thinking about the colours. I did 2 combinations, providing me with the added bonus of checking gauge on 2 different needle sizes at the same time (check check for the 3.0mms and 27sts/4ins. I rock.). Both are with Knit Picks Palette. Because it was just so very priced-to-own and so of course I did the thing where I ordered too much and now have a Palette arsenal get to try out a couple of different options.


This is #1, and comes very close to the actual colour combination in the original pattern. That 2nd shade of blue is bothering me just a little, though, so I might switch that out and rearrange it with a different shade, were I to go ahead with this selection.


But on the other hand, there is this combination #2. The pale foreground shades are all the same, but the background shades are instead a mix of reds and purples. It is far, far more “earthy” than I usually go for – just check my closets, ain’t no rusty shades in sight – but I can’t help but be enticed. There’s enough red and purple to stand out that I am starting to get convinced.

I’ll just let these babies dazzle me for a little longer.

Have a great Sunday! I think mine is going to include carrot cake.


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