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Cling to the knitting

The combination of events in the coming week is making me more stressed out than I’ve been in a long time. Mostly, I just want it to be next Friday afternoon already! So if you are a ‘send thoughts via the internet’ sort of person, I could sure as heck use some. Additionally, I am very, very grateful to have the knitting to cling to.

Jan4 025

Ahhh, a finished pair of socks. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a finished pair of socks for myself! These are the Monkey pattern, in Socks that Rock, ‘Rooster Rock’. Helping me with these was my brand-spanking-new digital kitchen scale, which was quickly put into operation on the knitting workbench next to the swift and ball winder. I divided the skein in two halves to make sure I didn’t go over half a skein for either foot. I’ve got Size 11 feet and STR lightweight is not kind to the large-of-foot with only 360 yds. But I did manage to squeak it out, with 7 grams left to spare. I should have stuck in a few extra rows ;)

Jan4 028

I love it. I want to pet it just for being its digitally accurate, yarn-weighing self. I mean sure, it’s supposed to be measuring flour and butter and things like that, but surely yarn is a far nobler pursuit.

In current WIP news, I’m happy to present Ribby Cardi #3. I did in fact knit myself one for Rhinebeck this past October, but a combination of factors left me with a sweater at least a full size too big. Rather than convince myself i could make it work by wrapping it around myself unbuttoned, I gave that one to my mom. The first one I knit on purpose as a gift. So, I definitely hope this one sticks!

Jan4 030

This is Briggs & Little Regal, in Grape for the body and Red BWO for the sleeves. I motored through the body all in one piece and now that I’ve gotten to the sleeves the mojo has faded a bit. Slow and steady, right? I’ll just have to keep putting in the time. Winter’s still here for another few months.

And in final ‘clearly-my-stress-is-affecting-my-brain’ news, go ahead and guess what I found in my sock yarn stash box when I was sorting the stash on New Year’s Day. Go on, guess. If you guessed half a dozen mini liqueur bottles, you’d be right. Yeah, I dunno either about that ;) I think this is chalked up to moving frenzy – clearly I was shoving things in boxes, thought “oh these might break, shove ’em in with the yarn, yarn will protect it! Protect the booze!” And now here I uncover them five months later wondering exactly how sheepish I should be about hiding booze in with my yarn. I’ll let my fellow knitters decide that one!

Happy twelfth-and-final day of Christmas! It’s back to the real world. I’d like to cling to the holidays, but thank goodness I can at least cling to the knitting instead.


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