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Long hard day

I’d like to follow Venezia’s lead and have a bubble bath too, but I’m just too zonked. (Lemme tell you about seaming up the neckline while on a bus from Toronto back to Hamilton. Hoo boy.)


A bit of blocking and some underarm seaming and she’ll be good to go.

Now I just need to put in another long hard day tomorrow and all will be well in order for me to hop a plane on Wednesday. The bright side is that although I won’t be able to join Martha in the Toronto scavenger hunt in celebration of the Yarn Harlot book launch, during the day, (oh how I wish I could) it’s possible I’ll be able to make the Toronto signing tomorrow night, which was never previously in the cards.

Now I just have to get the blocking pins out and then…and then I’ll…zzz… zzzz zzzzzzzz…..


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Yarn saves

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the crazy 4.75 years I’ve been working on this stinking miserable anxiety-inducing PhD, it’s that knitting has helped me out a lot. It gives me a sense of accomplishment at times when almost nothing else seems to, and that’s sure as heck worth something.

And then there are some times when the knitting part doesn’t seem to even be necessary, and I go directly to the yarn itself. Mmm.

Yesterday when I was in Toronto I marched right on down to Lettuce Knit at lunch hour to see what Socks that Rock was left from their delivery last week. It’s been a long week, tiring and stressful along with the renewed efforts of the cold that I thought I’d gotten rid of last week (I hadn’t), and despite the fact that I know I’ll be in New York next week, and I know full well I’ll be visiting new and bountiful yarn stores, I wanted yarn NOW. I walked out with a few skeins, including this one:


It’s so pretty I love it to pieces. It makes me think of impressionist paintings and tropical lagoons and everything that PhD turmoil is not. I don’t even know for sure what sock pattern I’ll make with it yet. In fact, I may just carry it around with me like a security blanket for the next week. That’s OK, right?

Also, I’d like to thank the weather report for looking like this:


I can deal with the rain. Sure, the rain isn’t ideal, but check out those temperatures. We haven’t had this many consecutive above-freezing days in I don’t know how long. Bring on the snow-melting.


Also, bring on the Venezia. She’s gettin’ there. Two sleeve-cap tops, cutting, seaming, and v-neck edging is all that remains. (Um. I sure hope it fits properly when it’s finished. That would sure suck if it didn’t.)

What are your spring knitting ambitions, my friends? Distract me with your colourful plans. ;)



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So yo, my knitting peeps, have I mentioned how ultimately bummed I am that I can’t go to the April 1st launch of the new Yarn Harlot book and get to congregate with more fun knitters? I mean, even with all books and Harlot aside, the Toronto launch last year was so fun and I met so many new knitting friends.

My bummed-out-ness was such that I planned the post-revisions jaunt to NYC as early as possible, to get to see the Harlot there on the evening of April 2nd. And now I am wondering if it is at all possible to turn some of that NYC time into a belated, site-appropriate version of this awesome version of knitterly crazyness.

Now, I’m betting some of these translate pretty easily. Toronto has the TTC, New York has the subway. Toronto has the Skydome, New York has Madison Square Gardens. Both places have doughnut shops and coffee shops and yarn shops. But tell me, what would the New York version of Canadian Tire money be? ;)

I just want to join in on all the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour, is that too much to ask? I suspect by next week I’ll be cracked enough that walking up to, say, the ticket-counter at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Rebecca, you’ve been warned), and asking them to hold my sock for a photo, would not seem at all out of the realm of normal.

In tangential Canadian-ish sort of news, last week Canadian comic Sean Majumder was on The Hour, and then Martha found YouTube clips of his ‘Raj Binder’ persona.

Sean, you give me courage to do Inexplicable Things.

Knit on, my friends…I shall return now to the revisions!


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Lather, rinse, repeat.

I missed saying both ‘Happy Easter’ and ‘Happy Spring’ (HAH! Hilarious. They say it’s spring. Apparently the outside temperature hasn’t gotten the memo), so my vicarious cupcake is belated:


Basic white cake recipe, vanilla buttercream, with shredded coconut and jelly beans to look like a nest on top. Good for diabetic comas.

In other news…well, finishing the revisions and dealing with some other non-Thesis crap that I’d rather not write about on a public blog are just turning a large portion of my life into a pile of suck. Either way, I gotta get at least the revisions out of the way in less than a week. Then on Wednesday I hop a plane to New York for a few days.

I think Venezia will still be able to come with me to NYC, just as long as I can put in a bit more progress on the sleeves every night and then get to the seaming and steeking this weekend. More bulletins as events occur.

Watch this space for more exciting blogging to return soon. In the mean time keep the knitting close by and have some discounted Easter bunny chocolate for me.


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Getting through it

I’m afraid there’s not much knitting news to be had ’round these parts this week…I’ve got these stupid revisions that need finishing and need finishing right about now-ish, a couple more lectures to write, two blog book reviews to get on top of, not to mention the sudden experience of waking up this morning with a sandpaper throat, a chill that won’t go away, and the balloon-headed feeling that comes with the onset of congestion and sniffles. (We could play a game: it’s called, ‘Guess How Many Blankets I’m Wearing’…)
[EDIT: Answer – Two. Over a hooded fleece bathrobe. With knitted socks.]

And since last I blogged, I also have half of a sleeve.


But a few of my knitting friends do have exciting posts, though, which I must share…

Steph reports on the bag that almost ate her friend;
her friend CanaryKnits has a super stylish angora argyle pullover;
and Kate demonstrates how to decorate a really awesome tiered layer cake.

Knitters are the best.


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One more thing


Just a heads up for anyone who’s planning a Venezia in their future using Knit Picks Palette yarnMystery alerted me on Ravelry that two of the colours I’m using here (Tan and Twig, both in the very pale brown area and highly covetable for a variety of Venezia colour schemes), are now on clearance and therefore likely on the chopping block to be discontinued.

Of course, one never knows what they’ll be replaced with, perhaps other pale browns will follow in their place…But they’re on now for $1.79 a ball and surely that’s not a bad deal to stick a couple in your stash if you think you might need them!

On with the Friday…


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12 of 12

I participated in the 12 of 12 three times at the end of last year and then have neglected it the past couple of months – but this time I remembered! I just didn’t manage to get the post up sooner than this morning. These kind of posts always take me longer than I expect.

This post begins with my day in progress about halfway through. On Tuesdays I travel to [spoilery campus name] to teach, and stay overnight. I woke up on Wednesday ready to start documenting, but had left my camera at home.


2:00pm – Back at home. Could it be? Sunshine? Coming from outside? A non-overcast sky? I must photograph this as proof!


2:15pm – Scenes from a bookshelf. In my recent attempts at tidying/hoe-ing out/emptying boxes, I discovered more of these hardcover Nancy Drews lurking in the basement and set them all up together. There was a while about 10 years ago when I was collecting them and always looked in used bookstores, but I fell out of the habit. Heck, I even got a dozen or so of the “really old” blue covers. I like having the collection but make no mistake – these aren’t in mint condition.


2:30pm – Laundry. Two of my handknits get snuggly in a bathtub of wool wash.


3:00pm – The rest of my lunch. In the town where I teach there is a super delicious organic cafe that makes great burritos and curries and rice and rotis and all kinds of things. I always get something from there, because even though it’s a bit more expensive, the food is always delicious and comes with actual vegetables. This is the side salad, and one of the dressing options is this green one which I suspect may be some liquefied form of cilantro and garlic. Mmmmmmm.


4:00pm – Venezia knitting break. I was feeling a little bleary (by the time I get to Wednesday I am always a little drained from teaching and prepping and schlepping myself around all over the place on buses) and thought about taking a nap, but then I reasoned that I didn’t really need a nap, I just wanted a break. So I had a time-out with the knitting. Venezia’s progressed a bit farther than this now, and I’m hoping to be well into Sleeve #1 tonight.


4:30pm – Revisions. Bleah. Need I say more?


6:15pm – Dinner prep. These veggies will be roasted and then served over polenta with goat’s cheese. (The foil-wrapped balls are heads of garlic, mmmmm….)


6:30pm – Pre-dinner drinkie and just a little bit more work. One step at a time, one step at a time… (Aside: yep, my laptop is resting on 4 plastic-wrapped packs of post-it notes. This is a feeble attempt at combatting the lame cooling issues my laptop has been twice plagued with to the point of having to replace the whole system. Toshiba, you suck.)


7:00pm – Snacks. My dad visited the Canary Islands recently for a conference (I know. Seriously lucky.) While he was there he enjoyed a particular appetizer which involved very small, salted and cooked potatoes, dipped in yogurt. (If anyone out there knows about this, or how to make it, he would be deeply appreciative and thoroughly vindicated.) He wanted to try to replicate it here, although his conclusion was the potatoes were not small enough or salty enough.


8:15pm – Knitting and Tee Vee. I flipped channels and decided I would prefer to watch a Gilmore Girls rerun on DVD. (Hm. There’s a bit of light glare over Lorelai’s face…)


10:30pm – Checking the weather forecast. More sun? I don’t know if we can take so much sun! It’ll be an adjustment after 3 months of snow and overcast, but I think we’ll manage.


10:45pm – Bedtime reading. I picked up a copy of ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ on sale last week out of curiosity and am now finished. Hmm. Good plain common sense, or patronizing cultural essentialism? Or perhaps a little from Column A, a little from Column B. My jury’s still out. The recipes do look tasty.

The copy of ‘The Celtic Collection’, though, continues to fuel my rich knitting fantasy life. I got this last week from local knitting friend Kim, in exchange for some yarn I’d given her a month before. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an Alice Starmore book in my hands and it’s fantastic. Much ogling still to come.

That’s all, folks! Happy Friday.


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