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Venezia takes Manhattan

Venezia - Finished!

I’m in New York, loving it, and loving the photos my knitting pal Rebecca took of Venezia. Here I am with Venezia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on a beautiful clear day.

And a fun hi and hello to all the great knitters I met at the New York Yarn Harlot book launch! I don’t take my top off for just anyone, you know. Just people who appreciate steeks. (I had a t-shirt on underneath, tsk, get yer minds out of the gutter).

[Edit – April 6th for more details]


Pattern: Venezia Pullover by Eunny Jang, Winter 2006
Size: 37.75 ins bust
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette. Foreground (light): Cream, tan, twig, golden heather.
Background (dark): Garnet heather (also for the hems), autumn heather, merlot heather, iris heather, clematis heather.
Needles: 3.0mm (colour work) and 2.75mm (for hems and neckline).
When I looked on Ravelry I saw others had done a v-neck version, I knew I had to follow the lead on this one. I much prefer the versatility of v-necks and it’s a very practical style. Thank you very much to Maud’s modification notes, which I used as a guideline. I placed the beginning of the v-neck about an inch below the beginning of the armhole decreases.

I also modified for length, adding 1 inch evenly before the waist shaping decreases (I did this by starting the chart sooner than the pattern instructions), and 1 inch even after the shaping decreases. I did similar modifications to the sleeves in order to add an inch in length there. These paid off big time – the waist sits where my waist is and I couldn’t be happier!


I’m very pleased with this sweater – it fits, it’s comfortable, and damn is it pretty! It’s sort of surreal to actually wear it and think that I made it from balls of yarn. On the 2nd day I wore it I had to sort of stop in front of mirrors and look at it and think, WHOA. I made this sweater!


Yo, for serious. If you’re thinking about making one of these, go for it. I won’t say it’s easy, I won’t say it’s hard. But I will say that it’s worth it.

When I’d cut the steeks and sewn up the seams on the sleeves, I slipped it on unblocked to make sure it fit OK and to reassure myself. And it was reassuring to know that it did indeed fit just like I wanted. But at the same time it was an odd moment, because I realized that it was no longer my knitting. It had become a piece of clothing, and that meant I didn’t get to knit it anymore. And that made me kind of sad.

The bar’s been set, my friends. More fair isle, more.


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