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Knitting on

Oh. My. Noro is coming out with a Silk Garden Sock Yarn. I’ve been hemming and hawing over the Noro Kureyon Sock, because while I love the colours I don’t love the texture…and truth be told, Silk Garden is one of my top favourite yarns. Yes please, I would like to cover my feet with some of that.

In tangentially knitting-related news, but also in generally fun and Canadian sort of news, my sister and a friend of ours went on Wednesday afternoon to a taping of The Hour, hosted by George Stroumbolopoulous. We had been led to believe that the guest would be James Orbinski, of Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers (he helped the organization win the Nobel Peace Prize, and is a phenomenal speaker). Much to our disappointment – and the disappointment of many audience members – he didn’t end up at our taping but had been rescheduled.


Instead we got Melanie C (formerly of Spice Girls fame – lovely, but not James), and closed-minded jerkface author Mark Steyn. But then as an addition, we got to watch a taping of Ivan Reitman (director, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, etc), who was there talking about the anniversary of the state of Israel. He talked about how his mother was held at Auschwitz, and also a bit about his lengthy film career, and about his son Jason (director of Juno, Thank You For Smoking).

After the taping George stuck around for questions and chatter, so we did too. Martha (who also took all of these pictures, thank you so much) insisted I ask George to hold my sock. And turns out he didn’t even blink an eye, required no explanation. He did, unsurprisingly, have some fun with it:


And then did a normal one. (Boy I wish I’d done some makeup…)


So that was the trip to ‘The Hour’. It’ll have to be repeated.

This next week has some major stress and distractions coming up for me, so the blog may go a bit quiet. But I’m still alive and still knitting. Have a good weekend everyone!


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