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Rolling along

This FO has been lingering for a week now, and in fact still needs 2 ends woven in, but I’m pleased with it and it’s done-ski. My Colinette Jitterbug Clapotis:


I did it according to pattern with slight modification, on 3.5 mm needles to accommodate the Jitterbug. I did omit the final increase repeat, and added a little bit of length, and could have probably omitted another one to give it yet more length. This will be a nice accessory scarf come fall and winter, and I’m looking forward to being able to wear it. The colour is ‘gaugin’, and I used almost exactly all of 2 skeins.

Yesterday a few of us Hamiltonians had a Toronto day for Steph‘s birthday, and sadly this photo from lunch in Kensington Market is all I managed to snap:


We did a good yarn crawl – Lettuce Knit, Romni, and the Purple Purl. I was fairly modest in my purchases, and it was a good time. We were sad to discover when arriving at the Purple Purl that they were closed to recover from a bit of flood damange from Tuesday night. Thankfully they lost very little inventory but there will still be cleanup to be done and I know they will be grateful for all good vibes and support. I hear they are not the only Toronto yarn shop to have been damaged by the sudden deluge of rain on Tuesday night (bizarrely, we in Hamilton were 100% dry, only 60km away). Our little group definitely had the sympathy and I am sending them more good vibes from afar. I will definitely be bringing treats with me (baked or drinkable…or maybe both…) for the next visit or two. I wish I could do more than that.

We’re planning another day like this all over again for the end of the month when our birthday comes up, and that makes it all the better to have a sunny summer yarn day coming up again.

I hope your summer knitting is going well, and if not knitting then hopefully some relaxation of some kind!


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