Daily Archives: July 21, 2008

Change of Scenery

I’ve relocated for most of this week chez Ladylungdoc, who is letting me mind her kitties while she and her husband are away. It’s a pretty good deal; the kitties get food and meds, and I get to be a Torontonian again for a few days. After living back in Hamilton for almost a year now, I’ve sort of forgotten what that’s like. I’ll be able to get down to the campus library pretty easily, check out some former favourite lunch spots, and maybe even investigate the Purple Purl knitting night for the first time ever.


So far, so good. The cats have explained to me that although I am not one of their usual humans, I am plenty adequate for depositing cat hair on/scratching ears/sitting around with. (Well, it was more like a glance and a “meow”, but I could tell there was more.)

While there are various things resembling “work” that I should be doing at some point, this was a nice chance to limit my knitting projects in the face of impending startitis, and so I have brought with me only Halcyon and Philip’s Socks, and would be thrilled to pieces if I could manage to finish one of them this week. (It is in the realm of possibility – I’m well into the leg of Sock #2 and have only to do the front piece on Halcyon…OK, a bit ambitious, but still…possible.)

I hope your Monday is/has been a good one!


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