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Big talk

Oh, sure. Going to “finish a sock or a sweater”, I said. “All week to knit” I said. I should have known that as soon as I made such plans for myself, my brain would do an about-face and say, “no, maybe not so much.” The kitties were darling and would have happily allowed me all the knitting I pleased. At the beginning of the week I had 1 unfinished sweater and 1 unfinished pair of socks. Now on Saturday I still have 1 unfinished sweater and 1 unfinished pair of socks, although the socks are arguably close, since I have turned the 2nd heel and need to only do the foot.

I did actually manage a bit of work this week, and also some visiting with Toronto people – 2 knitting nights in a row! Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit! A trip with a friend to find her sock yarn at Romni Wools! (AND I escaped without any yarn myself, which I feel shows remarkable restraint. I know I’ll be back for my birthday this coming week.)


I have also been enjoying a return to Reading Books. (Did you know you can read books? You just get a book and then you read it. And then when you finish it you can read another one. Groovy). I’ve spent the last couple of months tearing through paperbacks and have lately been moving into the contemporary literature area, ranging from the “OMG someone actually published this?” (The Friday Night Knitting Club was sadly not for me) to the “OMG why have I not been reading this sooner?” (Jasper Fforde and the ‘Thursday Next’ novels).

Strangely I have been seeing very few films (maybe I need more movie-appropriate knitting projects), but I suspect it is only a matter of time before I finally see WALL-E, The X-Files, and perhaps even Mamma Mia. I am tired of the endless Summer Boy Movie Blockbuster Extravaganza of Money-Making and would like to see something with at least one non-vacuous female character in it. (No really, Hollywood. Just one. That’s all I’m asking.)

It’s a shame cables don’t make good movie knitting though, because I tells ya, this Halcyon sweater has been on the books too long – I note that i cast on in April which is now at least 3 months ago. Come ooooon, cables. It’s you and me. Let’s finish this sucker.

Next post: Either the WIPs will have the glory, or I will. Coming soon to a suspense-filled blog read near you. Have a great weekend!


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