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And the rest is knitting

There are times (ultra mope-tastic times) when I feel like printing up a t-shirt that says “I turned 30 and all I got was a PhD and a bunch of yarn.” Because most of the time the world doesn’t actually care if you have a PhD, or yarn, even if if it’s very nice yarn. Much of the world would prefer that you have a husband or children, or pets, or property, or a full time job, and I don’t actually have any of these things. Mostly I would be OK with having a job (and I’m working on that), the rest can come later if it needs to.

But then there are days like yesterday, the day I did actually turn 30, when it did actually feel OK to say “I turned 30 and I have a bunch of yarn.” Because yarn and the people who come attached to it are pretty darned cool. And it is cool to have a twin to turn 30 with. I’m just sad for my see-stor that she ended up feeling under the weather for the later stage of the day and couldn’t enjoy it all as much, but that’s OK because we’ll do a re-do with dinner on the weekend and properly relax for a bit. I wonder what my fellow birthday-mates did with their day?

Yesterday, though, there was yarn. If it’s your birthday, it’s OK to come back with a small haul, right?


Some of this, I anticipated. The Malabrigo Lace is going to be a Bleeding Hearts Stole (I’m copycatting Emily on this one), and I did expect to come away with a bit of sock yarn, even if I ended up with more than a “bit”. The sweater’s worth of Cascade 220 Heather was unexpected, but when Romni has a 20% off sale, that’s when you get sweater’s worth of things, I say.

We did a good effort crawling Toronto yesterday, me and a lovely posse of knitters and knitting supporters:


Natalie, Steph‘s hubby D, (blog-free) Dee, my partner in all birthdays, Steph herself, hiding behind Kim, hiding behind T, who has absorbed a shocking amount of knitting and yarn knowledge for someone who so far has not actually learned how to knit. They were an awesome birthday posse.

We need to go…over there…


Thank you for having such lovely yarns, Toronto. We did some fondling…



Pondered Life, the Universe, and Everything:


And then the day was over and I fell into a coma sleep and woke up this morning with more yarn than I woke up with yesterday. In my world, that’s a good day. Onwards to my 30s!


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