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If I had my camera

…I would show you you many things.

I would show you the lovely new Hourglass Pullover I’ve started, with the delicious Malabrigo worsted I bought back in April. It’s like knitting with butter. (I was going to have a Malabrigo Hourglass Knitalong for 2 with Rebecca, but she’s already blown past me and is 2/3 done. I may spend the rest of this week trying foolishly to catch up.)

Or I would show you the progress on the Halcyon seaming, which right now has moved past the saddle shoulders and onto the collar (damnit, I always forget about the collar…), but is sadly not done yet. Errr…wait, WAIT, since I don’t have the camera I should really be telling you the seaming is done. DONE, I tells ya. Oh, it’s too bad I don’t have the camera to photograph it, awww, shucks. Tsk. Better luck next time. ::cough::

I would also show you the new sock I’ve started with some beautiful Lorna’s Laces I got in a trade from Steph a month or two ago. It’s more Jaywalkers and will be great for my travelling sock project. Impulse cast-on on Sunday, you know. (I gave her Socks That Rock, I hope she still likes it because the Lorna’s Laces is making a nice home for itself here now…)

But sadly I have no idea where my camera has run off to and these will all have to wait until next time.

And I, meanwhile, have to dash off to hand in some course materials for my fall teaching, which were actually due some time ago but no one actually told me. That’s always fun. Or, less fun, more frustrating.

The good news is I have knitting waiting for me. I hope your knitting is waiting for you too!


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