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It’ll be okay. Just think of mittens.

I said this very thing to a stressed out friend the other day. While it is true that she is also a knitter and might have successfully interpreted “just think of mittens” as “maybe you should take your mind off stuff by knitting some mittens, because they are small and fun and very useful now that the temperature is dropping,” I’m not even sure that’s what I meant to say, either. I think I was having a day of wanting to do nothing but knit, and it’s starting to get cold, and mittens are so comforting and warm, that even just thinking about mittens would help me out so why wouldn’t it make somebody else feel better?

Sounds completely reasonable to me. I’ve been coveting mitten patterns over on Ravelry (oh bless that advanced pattern search) like nothing else. I want to make these, and these (at the bottom), and definitely some of these, and have already started on a pair of these (Ravelry link).

But first, I had to make these:


These tiny adorable mittens are linked up with a tiny adorable i-cord to be used as a bookmark, and they have been sitting around for a few days waiting to be sent to their (very very patient) recipient, in a swap for the 20th Century Novels group on Ravelry. I was going to do this with mini socks, but now that it’s nearly winter I had to go for the mittens. I hope my swap partner likes them. They were a little fiddly but not too difficult, and only require a tiny bit of spare fingering weight yarn – I used some leftover bits of Socks That Rock lightweight. I may need to make more.

In other news, Steph has every so generously tagged me to post 7 pictures/facts about me. I will make this a weekend project.

And, oh yes – Happy Halloween! Have fun if you’ve got kidlets goin out, and if not, well, you can come over to my house and eat cookies.

Otherwise, it’ll be okay. Just think of mittens.


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