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Things November brings

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day elsewhere. I’ve got my poppy stuck on my sweater today and will try to fasten a second one to my coat as securely as possible before I dash out the door. So far I think I have managed to only lose one this season, though, so I’m doing pretty well on the poppy count. This morning I listened to the broadcast of the service from Ottawa and was reminded during the interview afterwards with Paul Gross that I have got to get out there and see Passchendale while it’s still there.

Remembrance Day is almost mid-November and it always makes me think of the weather of past seasons; I can recall past years when we’ve had snow on the ground at this point, and some that have required very little warm clothing at all. This year, though, the cold is starting to settle just above freezing, and the knitted accessories are going to have to come on out of hiding. I intend to start more hats and mittens asap…just as soon as I finish this one little thing:


Twist is almost finished, she just needs sleeves attached and some buttons and a good blocking. Then this wonderful sheepy warm garment shall be mine to help keep the chill away.

Mmm, squishy unblocked cables, mmm…


Happy knitting today.


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