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Everlasting Love

My love for Noro, it continues unabated.

These two skeins of Silk Garden Sock decided that they did not, in fact, wish to be socks, but a garter ridge scarf instead. How could I say no to this face?


I cast on on Friday afternoon while hanging at the Purple Purl with Martha and Lisa, after a very leisurely tour of Queen St. and Indian buffet lunch. (Mental note: do this more often). I put pedal to the medal (aided in large part by Second Sock Syndrome on some gift socks), and finished it up on Tuesday.


I cast on 370 sts on a 4.0mm circular needle, and alternated yarns every 5 rows. I combined shades #252 (black/blue/green) and #87 (pretty much every colour there is), stopped when I thought it was OK, and I love the effect. There was some minor surgery involved, admittedly. I yanked out some of the green section of the #252, as it was a bright shade that clashed a bit too much with the yellowish green of #87. Other than that, smooth sailing. It’s long enough to loop comfortably once around my neck and still have some ends hanging to my waist.

I’d do this again in about two seconds flat with the regular Noro Silk Garden, for a chunkier “real” scarf. This scarf is slim for an accessory style scarf to pair with a sweater or jacket, which is something I’ve been wanting to knit for ages and ages. There’s a bit of each shade leftover and I’m starting to be hopeful that it might be enough for a wee striped beret or similar. Time will tell! In the meantime I had better get some more gift knitting off of my conscience.

How’s your December knitting going?


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