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Now (temporarily) with 300% more cat

What with the holiday season and all, I am back for a stint with my former roomie from last winter, Miss Beatrice the kitty, while her regular humans are travelling. Luckily it’s not far from my own homestead, so I can have the kitty time as well as all regular Christmas to-doing. Of course, since I was here last winter Beez has acquired two new young companions, so the dynamic isn’t completely the same. But since all three of them are adorable in their own right I can hardly hold that against them.

Beez approves of my Halcyon, now out for winter wear:


The big story around these parts, though, is the snow. Between today’s blizzard and the one predicted for Sunday we are supposed to get around 50 cm (almost 20 inches), so we are guaranteed the White Christmas as well as quite a bit of snow-shovelling. I let the cats out in the beginnings of it for about four minutes this morning before they decided to heck with this, but there was a while where young Ramona was enjoying chasing…well, chasing whatever it is cats chase. Snowflakes? Blowing leaves? Air?



As one might well imagine, there’s some hibernation in store for today. Stay warm!


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