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Oh, Knit Picks.

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Knit Picks. Or rather, a like/confused relationship. On the one hand, I enjoy their needles, they have a nice book selection, and I have enough Palette to knit several sweaters. But on the other hand, I am often confused or vaguely dismayed by the marketing choices they make (remember when they did up a sample sweater from ‘No Sheep For You’ in a cotton/wool blend? Sigh.) And then things like this happen:


This is one of the pairs of gift socks I made for this Christmas (will be distributed late, sadly), and while I think the recipient will be pleased with them and wear them without concern, I’m a little embarrassed to be handing over a pair of socks that quite frankly does not match at all.

Both of these skeins were from the recently-added line of Knit Picks Essential Kettle-Dyed yarn, a yarn which is the same as their Essential sock yarn but dyed with a kettle-dye method. While they do warn on their site that this can result in variations between skeins, I’d like to think they would try to produce a little less variation than this – one sock looks like a solid blue, the other a highly variegated blue colourway.

Even if I were to have approached this by alternating skeins on the same project, this level of difference would have given me something more like stripes, not a blended semi-solid effect. Needless to say, I won’t be buying this yarn again. I think the extra savings isn’t worth it if the final product doesn’t give you what you want. Me, if I want a kettle-dyed effect, I’ll stick with Malabrigo sock or Araucania Ranco or something similar – the skeins are big enough for a full pair between them and I won’t end up with this kind of problem. For solid shades I don’t mind the regular Essential (it’s made several gifts for me in the past), but I’m not sure this ‘kettle-dye’ variation is worth it in the long run.

And I’ll also be investigating some yarn another pair for R, who deserves a pair of socks that match!

Hope your Sunday is going well. I have been struck by the sniffles and will be having a low-key day today. Thankfully with some knitting close by.


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