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Serious Winter

Despite the fact that I tallied up several sweaters in 2008 and several of these are already in constant rotation in my wardrobe this winter, I just need to keep on knitting more. We’re in the third week of -It’s Too Cold to Be Cheerful Celsius and I’ve got sweater quantities of yarn in the stash that need some serious attention. Also, since casting off my Twist cardigan in November all I’ve been working on are socks and small things for gifts, so it’s definitely time to get back to sweaters.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to this Winter’s Interweave Knits, until I flipped through and realized that the Blooming Cardigan pattern was a perfect gauge match for the Wild Apple Hill Farm 100% wool that I purchased more of at Rhinebeck this past October. So once I cleared the deck of a few projects this January, on this went to the needles.


The colour here is a bit greyer than reality, but the shade is a lovely heathery mix of purple and brown. Overall I’m hoping the finished cardigan will be a versatile piece that I could dress up or down, but I don’t mind admitting that my brain has more sweaters on the brain and I hope I can finish this piece quickly. The nosegay pattern is keeping it interesting for me since I have somehow managed to go over 4 years without knitting any bobbles, until now. Score one for learning a bit of new technique.

In an effort to add some psychological speed, I knitted the sleeves (all stockinette) first, and then cast on for the body all in one piece. This does make individual rows a little slower to progress, but in the long run I think it’ll be worth it. I’m looking forward to wearing it!

What sweater(s) are on your list this winter?


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