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Knitting as Lifeline, part 9,261

Things to do while procrastinating on mountain of grading and lecture-writing which has not gotten smaller nor is likely to get any smaller between now until the end of time:

1. Celebrate completion of Charade socks.


Congratulate self on perfect fit, pleasant bright colours, and lovely stitch execution. Ignore annoying pooling of Cherry Tree Hill at gusset.


2. Celebrate socks as first Finished Object in three weeks. (Bless me knitting goddess, for I have sinned, it has been three weeks since my last Finished Object). Contemplate other remaining projects and their states of 3/4 done-ness and ponder how fast it is reasonable to assume they will reach state of 100% done-ness.

3. Dump stash onto floor (subsection: Mission Falls 1824 wool). Mourn loss of Cloth & Clay LYS whose closing provided much of said stash.


4. Immediately start planning two sweaters, one scarf, and multiple hats. Ponder how many could be completed before Saturday departure for DC trip. Reduce plans to one scarf and one hat.

5. Ponder how soon is too soon to start planning Rhinebeck Sweater for 2009.

6. Recall Blackberry Cardigan still in state of 3/4 done-ness and curse self for not finishing old projects faster, in order to accommodate various whims and newfound stash affairs.

7. Finally face fact that starting five new projects will not, in fact, have side effect of getting any Real Work done. Grudgingly return to desk.

8. Keep ball of yarn nearby for clutching purposes. Just in case.

How’s your Monday?


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